I have 424 hats and now I have to click the button 52 times to wear my christmas baseball cap


I have 424 hats. That’s 53 pages of 8 hats each. Would you kindly reinstate skipping pages?


Yes, please.
(If they’re not gonna do it already in the new avatar editor update)

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I really don’t see a reason why they can remove useful controls like these, but not add them back in, or at least spend their time on making the new avatar editor then? (Sorry if I’m sounding rude - but to put it blunt, spending time removing things like these could be used working on the new features of the website.)

On a funny note, I too have 53 pages of hats (2 hats less). Quite troublesome if you want those old hats, like the golden crown or an astronaut helmet.


Perhaps someone can make a Tampermonkey script to restore the old page functionality?

I was the one who made this change. Unfortunately we are reaching a size where our owned assets database is handling a huge amount of load, and these paged queries are one of the reasons. Going to a page-by-page system will help us keep things running until we can move over to a more distributed system. We will look into ways we can improve this in the future but for now we’re stuck with it. I feel your pain, I have 150 pages of hats.



If this is also going to be in the new avatar page, can we have both ascending and descending sorts?

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If you could also add a search bar that would be great!!


As a temporary workaround you can search the item in the catalog and select “Wear” from the item menu.


rip I was just about to say that

yeah, I just equip the item via the item page now instead of scrolling through my hats

Wouldn’t it be a net less load, as you don’t have to pull all the pages from the database, you just need to know the order. Can’t you use math to predict what page 14 will contain, and so if they skip to page 14, just load in that data? It seems counter-intuitive to have people load each individual page to get to the page they want, as that’s ~12 pages that didn’t need to get loaded.

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it would be pretty cool if on the catalog it showed you owned an item without going to its page x_x


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