I have a map, but is it free modeled?

So, I hired a builder he said he built me this and it looks pretty free modeled. If anyone is able to identify the build not so good, but if no one identifies it then good.


Can you tell us what he built? It may give us a idea to search in the toolbox.

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Is a Parlor, like a cafe type thing.

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I definitely have seen this before, or something very similar.
Try searching for scripts and see if you can find signatures in them. As soon as I saw this build I had a flashback to following my friend into a cafe. But I didn’t look too much into the build.


Try thinking hard! Cause we really need to know.

I’m searching through my transactions because I believe I purchased something there.

Perfect! If it is than we build a new one, if it isn’t we will use this.

I think you’re in the clear I just scrolled through the toolbox and games and found nothing. I just had some strange flashback from a few years ago and it looked similar. That’s why I was so skeptical.

I didn’t find anything matching the building or any of the assets in the photos, for some strange reason the building looks very familiar to me, as Ser4x said, I think you’re good.

Well it’s pretty similar to an old version of a cafe i don’t remember which tho.

Could you try looking for it? If not perfectly fine, but if it is unfound then we will be thinking about it.

How long did it take for him to build it? Did he seem distracted or did he reply quickly, just factor in some of those things too. Did he ever send you updates on what he was building?

It didn’t seem like he sent updates, it was small things but nothing large, and he was pretty distracted “building” as he said.

I am not going to make for sure the builder you hired used free models. But I am just going to say the whole building just looks familiar for me. Those benches that are on the outside for sure I have seen them before.Also those chairs and seats with the umbrela look so familiar, also the sofa’s he used. To conclude this the chairs on the outside and the inside, inluding the table and the umbrela are also very familiar.

If I was you I would just decline the building and look for a builder here in the Dev Forum, a builder that you know you will be able to trust and that you won’t have your doubts about their work. Hope you can make your decision!


I have two things that might help!
1- Try Image searching them on google, then look at visually similar images. (Helped me find out if my developers were free modelling a few months ago.
2- Ask him to record him making something new in that cafe, be it an update or if you are 100% sure he used free models, ask him to record him doing it all again.

Hoped this helped, if it didn’t, my apologies!


The umbrella mesh itself seems to be a Roblox asset, can’t speak for the rest of the models. I’d suggest going through all the meshes to see if the person you hired uploaded them or not, as well as any textures/decals in the game.

Also I’d recommend looking through all the model names and part names to see if they are constant. So for example, if the trees have parts like “Upper Leaves”, “Bottom Leaves”, ect, but other assets are just grouped together as models with “Part” then take a look. Also see if some assets are welded together for no apparent reason, as this may mean they were free models that could be unanchored. Then just go through other items and see if other things are off, like different naming schemes, certain assets all being without materials while others have materials, and anything that seems inconsistent.

EDIT: I think I found the chairs


He used some free models in the project which should not be a big thing but honestly I think he did it himself since I was searching a whole hour and found nothing compared to the building. BTW does the builder know your doing this because if he really did do this it might bring him/her down since calling them a fake.


Download the Chrome extension Roblox+. Then, make a free model your map. Go to the model page and click “Content”. There should be all the models he used.



To echo Ser4x and paul2448 (great job on finding marketplace assets by the way), this build definitely incorporates marketplace assets. I’ve seen these assets in cafes as back as 2016 (especially the trees and smaller items such as chairs and benches). Unless they’re replication artists (which I like to be sometimes) then you should not pay the builder. If these are all replicas then they have a right to claim the assets as their own. Though to replicate low-poly assets would be extremely difficult. If they did manage to do such with extreme accuracy, I am honestly impressed. Otherwise, then its free models.


I have searched in the toolbox and I haven’t found any free models looking like yours.