I have a problem with ideas, and I need help

Ok, so, I have a HUGE problem. I’m not sure what game idea to decide on, and its driving me nuts. I’m not sure which of these games is the msot likely to succeed

So, these are the ideas

Legion – Players sruvive in a post-apocalyptic world in which Satan’s demons succesfully invade and destroy the Earth. The player must survive in a hostile environment, scavenging for resources and stuff, as well as holy items. This game has multiple endings

Wanted – A game in which the character has to clear a debt, and therefore has decided to become a crime boss in order to attain the 50M+ dollars for the cure. The player can commit various crimes, such as assassinations, smuggling, etc. This game also has endings

Snowball War – A game in which the player must defend their base from the other team using snowballs, and can use NPCs and traps to do so, in order to protect the fortress. The game ends when one team manages to destroy/capture an artifact that lies in the fortress, the opposing team wins

Of these, which one will probably do well, and you are most likely to play?

  • Wanted
  • Legion
  • Snowball War

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I would like some replies as to what you think of these ideas!


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Write down a paper of points, which could describe your ideas further.

  1. Ask a few people, If the idea sounds interesting to them, and If they would play it.
  2. Is the game able to hold the player there for a longer term of time?
  3. What emotions should the game bring by Its look or theme? Happiness, fear, sadness? Every emotion has Its audience, and happiness is the most common.
  4. Is the idea original? Making yourself a very similar game to any other gives you a big competition on the market, leading to harder starts with the player base.
  5. Do I have the capability of making the game-high quality without higher investments?
    If you’re working with a low budget and a small range of development skills, make sure to choose a project that sounds achievable for you, because choosing harder stuff often leads to a lack of motivation in the mid-process of the game development. Recommending to learn new skills first before starting.

Hope this helps you a bit in choosing!

Thanks for the help! I think Wanted is able to suit almost all of these requirements. There are MANY more crimes, such as smuggling

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Wishing you good luck with the project then, fella!

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I really like Wanted, and I also Wanted to say that probably Legion would get banned and you could get banned forever (or even IP banned) because of that, it’s probably (a big probably) against the ToS

Well, doors has a crucifix, and nothing happened to it ig. Also, they are inkly mentioned as ‘demons’ not Satan or Lucifer or whatever. But I think the holy water in the game could get me banned

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I don’t know about DOORS cause I never played it, but if you never make references to too demoniaca things then you are probably okay,


Can the smuggling in Wanted get me banned?

I’m not sure, depends in which way you implement it, if you do it like Mad City did, I think you are okay, and if there’s nothing that is against the ToS (ex. drugs etc.)

As a Game Designer, here’s how I help myself to choose ideas:

  • The golden rule is always put yourself in the player’s perspective. Make a draft description & thumbnail for your game. Imagine you’re a brand new Roblox player / ask a friend to read the title, description, and view the thumbnail, and ask yourself / your friend: Would you play this game based on what you’ve seen?

  • Whichever game feels most promising, and you’re most passionate about making, pick that one. It’ll turn out higher quality because of your passion.

  • But, if you feel equally passionate for all ideas: Review your ideas. If you have even just a few doubts about idea ‘A’, but not idea ‘B’, pick idea B.

My Thoughts

  1. Legion - I like the game mechanics. Get rid of ‘Satan’ and ‘holy’, as to avoid offense and discouraging religious players from visiting, perhaps a less specific, generic depiction of an evil character is better.
    The story & concept sounds good - but - be sure to have the story long enough to keep interest, but not too long so that players don’t want to find the other endings.

  2. Wanted - Honestly, it’s a little bizarre. I don’t think that having someone with cancer resort to crime to find a cure is very respectful. Think in the mind of someone who unfortunately may have gone through this, they don’t want to be represented as a ‘crime boss’. But I can see here as other people may enjoy it too, that’s just what I think and do whatever you think is best.

  3. Snowball War - Off the bat, think of a new name. ‘Snowball War’ is generic and does not have the potential to be iconic.
    Based on your description, the game definitely needs a theme. It’s too generic and basic: the ‘King’, ‘fortress’, ‘snowball war’, you should think of unique names for these to bring an incentive to fight, or a memorable for a player.

Based on those, in their current states, I’d pick Legion but drop the holy theme.

I made the idea of Wanted, over Breaking Bad, in case that wasn’t obvious enough. (If you haven’t seen the show, the guy Walter White basically becomes a meth kingpin cuz he has lung cancer)

As for Legion, I wanted to make it a zombie apocalypse game, but with a twist. I gues i’ll remove Satan, and just call it an ‘evil deity’, but I’ll call the demons, demons, cuz… the name is Legion.
I mainly made the idea over the Mandela Catalogue

Idk of a name for Snowball War

Ya know what, the guy in Wanted, will, instead, have a debt of 50M+, and has to clear it. Does that sound better?

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I did think it was based off of the show, yes.
At the end of the day, do whatever you think is best and whatever most people agree with, which seems to be Wanted’s original idea. What I said was just my 2 cents, and overall i like to just tread lightly.

Best of luck to you and your game :smile: :+1:

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Ok because in Wnated you add the debt, please at the start of the game add something like: don’t do in real life, always pay your debts with money yaht wasn’t robbed

I feel like maybe this could be offensive to some people. It seems like it could be implying/sterotyping in some way. Maybe instead of cancer, the character could have a virus that you made up for the game? The game would play exactly the same.

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I like your basic idea of Snowball War. Very easy and clear to understand, anyone can play it, and it just seems like a fun game. A lot of games nowadays are very complex with their styles (I do enjoy a lot of them), and I think we need more games that are simple and classic.

For the one that you choose, ask a question again on the forum like you did on this post. Ask questions like “Do you like this idea?” or “What would you want to see from it?”, “How can I make this original?”, questions like that. This will help you get a better grip of the consensus of players, and what what they would like to see from you.

Yes, I had changed that to which the player got into hot water with a gang leader, and has a debt of 50M+ to pay. Thanks!

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Also don’t forget to add a “Don’t try this in real life, always pay your debts honestly” or soemyhing like that in the game

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Hey, if I replace the ‘King’ with certain artifacts that the opposing team has to capture, is that fine?

Another question, would you grind Wanted? Which of these games are likely to be grinded more?

Okay, I gotta tell you, I’m not a Grinder, and I don’t like Grinding Games, I personally don’t grind Games, I like Ganes that have variety, like Jailbreak, it’s pretty much a Gridner Game, but it has so much possibilities, you can Roleplay (even though I never do) you can stop criminals, or be a criminal, etc.
I think that the least to be grounded is Legion, as 70% of the people is Cristian, and the most is Snowball War, as it’s simple, and sounds good to most kids, even tho fun you need to find a way to make it not just like Arsenal and any of theirs games, but personally, the one with most potential is Wanted, as you have so much possibilities for that game, MY standards are:
Needs to have long gameplay, not saying it should be like old days AAA games, with 240 hours of gameplay, but it should have at least 6-8 hours of story gameplay, and at least 2-3 hours of side gameplay, many possibilities, and a lot of variety in side quests, i m ow it’s really high, but if you want a good game this is what I think you need, have a good day