I have been added to the beta program, but haven't recieved the changes

i dont know which category to post this, so i apologize if this is isn’t in the correcy category

Hey! So about 2 weeks ago the automated bot said i was in the beta program and i still haven’t got any changes. A few days later the new trading update was inplemented yet i still haven’t recieved the new update as beta testers would get it first. What happened?

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You don’t receive the changes, you enable them:



I am talking about the new trading update. Iron_Legion said 1 - 2 weeks ago that some poeple didnt recieve the changers even though they were in the beta program.

I believe he is talking about the page on the website, New Trades Page - Available for All Users. Website beta features do not need to be turned on, while studio features do. @dibblydubblydoo Are you sure that it isn’t working? Have you gone to Login? Not sure what else this could be otherwise.

EDIT: Just saw that he responded the same thing. Dibbly, are you sure that you don’t have access to it yet? It does say being rolled out to a percentage of users.

Maybe that explains it?

Perhaps, although I do have access to the new page and have had for a while (I am in the beta program and have been in it for almost three months now).

Perhaps he joined after they opened it to Beta testers and it wasn’t updated? If this was the case and the odds are that he isn’t in the percentage, he could not have access to it.

Do you have any comments about this possibility?

No, i have screenshots of when i was added. Someone else had the same problem but i still wasn’t added.**

EDIT: i stll dont have the features**

How odd. Not sure why this is happening then. Do you have access to studio Beta features, or are both broken?

This will help narrow it down, as it is either something else or you weren’t added to the Beta program fully.

I currently don’t have access to my PC as my PC is being used by someone else. I can check later, but chances are that i might’ve not gotten those features too.

To ease your issue, I don’t have that feature either, but I’m 100 sure that my beta features works.

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Even more confusing then. Perhaps I am in that percent of users that the trading has been rolled out to? Who knows. It appears that you, @VegetationBush, do have access to the other features besides trading. Very strange…


I hope it gets fixed. It has been over 2 weeks since i was added yet i still didnt get the features.

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Maybe try checking your extensions, Roblox+ for example. I’ve been accepted some days ago and I can access Beta Features and new trade page.

I have never installed an extension. This is a problem some other users had to go through but mine still wasn’t dealt with