I made a chess game!


I enjoy playing chess so I thought it might be interesting to create a chess player on Roblox, from my existing knowledge of the game and a little research (pawn promotion rules). So over the coarse of a week, and many lengthy algorithms later I finished what I set out for.

Why Another Chess Game?

I understand there’re existing chess games on the site, with an especially nice one created by the people from EBR if I remember correctly, although I wanted to create a simpler approach on the game without too many bells and whistles such as (leaderboards, teleportation services, ranks, etc…). You simply join a server with a friend, click the start button, and play.

Interesting features:

  1. A 3D pawn promotion selector.

  2. When a piece is selected possible paths for it are automatically drawn, thus aiding new players to the game.

  3. There are also no status GUI’s cluttering the screen, only a single display at the edge of the board. The display can show:

  • Whether your in check
  • The duration of your turn
  • Jeopardizing move alerts
  • Game outcome (won or lost)
  • An option to reset the game

Thanks for reading,

If you’d like to play I will have the link to the game posted bellow, yet keep in mind that the game is still in beta so expect some bugs. If you find any bugs send me a message or post the issue bellow, preferably with an image of the board.

Link to the game: Chess - Roblox

Some Images:




Indeed, I enjoyed playing against someone for the first time in the game.

After having played on a real server though I think it would be nice to switch piece movement and generation over to the client. In order to give instant response after a move, and to eliminate sometimes slow generation of the pieces.


Woah, this one is better than the other chess game I played before. I’M A GREAT CHESS FAN. :joy:


Thanks for the feedback! :grinning:


Does it have the “en passant” move?

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Sadly not, I may add it in a future update though. I have’t implemented castling yet either.

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this looks so fun. good job


Thanks, I put a lot of effort into it.

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Would love to play! Unfortunately I’m the only one in the game :frowning: Would appreciate someone joining me :slight_smile:

In a server right now if you would like to join?

New Update:

I transferred piece movement and generation over to the client, so now there is near instant feedback when moving your piece. :smiley:

Note: This update required a great deal of code rearranging and some new systems, so there might be some new bugs.


A new realm of strategy awaits,

I finished the castling update today! Castling has a surprising amount of constraints applied to it…
I also fixed a couple of bugs yesterday.

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Looks good, I’ll make sure to play it sometime.

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Well my brother is going to have a fun time with this. Great job!

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Idea for the chess game, have a gui to the side to be able to see the moves that have been made.

Looks like spark chess in a way- and that is my favorite game to play. I challenge you to make an AI to play against. :wink:

I have been tempted to create a playable AI for a while now - maybe in a future update! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Maybe have it so you battle an AI, and depending on an algorithm, you receive a competitive rank so when you play online, you play with people of the same skill level.