I made a realistic snow deformation in roblox

I saw this cool video that showed realistic snow deformation that was made in roblox

So i decided i would try to make it myself and i got a good result, i even made it capable with cars.


Woah, that looks amazing, so cool.

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nice it looks cool. did you use mesh deformation?

Thanks, and yes i did use mesh deformation

It would be quite epic if the snow slowly generates back again after some time, just a little suggestion. :slight_smile:


Good idea! It would actually be a fairly easy thing to achive

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Super cool! If possible, do you think you could DM me a few steps on how I could create this? It’d be for personal use, and if I did use it, you’d be credited. I’ve tried doing something like this, but with water. Didn’t work out so well :laughing:

Amazing, how did you achieve this?