I made dogu15 rig work for player with different bundle's body parts

i once went to @Dogutsune 's thread about a better r15 rig…

and asked her if rig loader supported players who wear different bundle body parts and she responded to me that it couldn’t for some reason. so i proved her wrong by using my trick (if you are wondering about my trick, here’s how it is done: i used humanoiddescription to check if bodyparts ids are 0 (default)), and here’s the result:

feedbacks are welcome here


I mean, it kinda works. The leg wasn’t deformed, and while dancing, I saw mesh problems in the arm.


my purpose is to make dogu15 work for any player with different bundle body parts. sure, it is supposed to be fully deformed but due to custom rig and meshes, other body parts like 2.0 ones are not deformed as well

this is roblox’s fault, so i cannot be blamed for that : P

Oh well, I didn’t really say it’s impossible. It’s just that the mesh deform wouldn’t be existant for some parts.

But still, gj!