I Need an Opinion on this Room

I made this room and I am very new to building in Roblox. I am making an escape room game and I was wondering what could I do better with this room. I am welcome to constructive criticism and any tips you might have for me. Please ignore the outside of the room that will not be visible to the player.

Here are the pictures:


I would suggest putting up something on the walls, they currently look very empty. I would use shelves or some sort of cabinet. It looks good considering it’s an escape room, but I’m not a great builder so I’m not the best person to judge.


Looks good! Could use some more decorations, and a roof.


Did you use models from the toolbox?Or did you model them by yourself. Also here are a few tips for new builders

  1. Download Blender and model on there
  2. Install the Studio+ Plugin they have great tutorials
  3. Download FX3 building tools
    Also I would suggest before making a game learning the basics for modeling, scripting,and building. :slight_smile:

It will have a roof, I just took it off for reference :sweat_smile:

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I have Blender I have been using for about 2 years and I don’t really know why I didn’t model it there. I will model in blender after this. :sweat_smile: I will look at those plugins and I do know how to script moderately well. Thanks for the tips. :+1:

I agree it looks very empty that is why I posted this because I did not know what else would fit. I am trying to go with an office type theme so I will look into a poster of something to take up space on the walls. Thanks for the feedback :grinning:

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Here is an update:

It needs some better lighting how do you think I could achieve this?
I went with a amateur videographers/photographer in their apartment theme. :grinning:

It looks like you only built the walls and used toolbox models for the rest (no offense)

That’s because I did :grinning: I just don’t really see a reason to model it yourself if there is a perfectly good model already made by someone else. I know that a lot of more experienced builders would look down on this but it looks perfectly fine to me and for a game like this where the game does not revolve around the decoration and how it was made but simply that it is there.

Looks good so far!

  • Try making the objects more spread and around the room.
  • I like the models you are making! Make sure they aren’t free models.
  • I would suggest maybe putting a poster or a carpet.

Happy Building! Fusion


:grimacing: They are free models, I am new to modelling and building in roblox I am mostly a programmer but why does everyone stay away from free models I need an explanation.

That looks pretty sweet! Some stuff on the walls would look nice, and move the door away from the wall a little bit? A carpet, shelf, trashcan or whatever could fill up the space a little bit.

I will work on making a poster or shelf. What do you mean by move the door away from the wall a little bit? :upside_down_face:

I mean move the door to the left just a little bit. It seems kind of cramped when it’s precisely next to the other wall.

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I think it looks great now! Filling the space definetely helped, an the combination of furniture fits the room well.

Also, don’t worry about using free models, it’s fine in my opinion.

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I think that trying to build your own models to fit in the room you’re making will, in general, improve your skills. Although, studying free models when you’re a beginner to see how THEY were modelled is kind of a good thing, at least in my opinion. I’d say this helps out when someone’s stuck as a beginner. But when you get pretty good at it, someone would wanna just model their own, well, models and then perhaps start avoiding free models then. But it takes practice!

Think of it like poetry!
You start out by making lots of “bad” poetry, then make decent poetry, then make very good poetry here and there.
With enough practice, you can make some truly incredible things and this goes for anything in the creative field. Whether it be programming a game or something or building and modelling.

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I’m not trying to offend you that you use free model, but hey! That looks nice. I’d suggest adding bed as decoration to your room that you made. I’ll also suggest to change the wall into SmoothPlastic material, otherwise it looks nice. :+1:

I know how to model and I would think pretty well in Blender I modeled a low poly Ducati motorcycle, A Camaro, and a bunch of other stuff, I just found a lot of free models that fit the room well so I used them. I also added some shelves I modeled in blender and replaced the free model coffee table. I agree with what you are saying. Thank you for your opinion :grinning: @Blackmole111 I think that would help the room a bit so I will try it.


If you’re building an escape room you might find this interesting.

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