I need help with building

Oh ok thats fine Put that in Building support I think

here are some tips :
Anchor objects so they dont fall everywhere
Name the most important objects so u don’t get them mixed up with others…
hire a couple testers, scripters, and other builders…
use blender for some stuff…
write down ideas that u have for ur game
lol thats sum stuff ik


Can’t you use Plugins too? There are some plugin’s that you can use to ease the building development

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I would suggest if you want to speed up your workflow getting a new computer or switching to blender (or any 3d website) is probably the easiest option. Model creator has pretty good tips for beginners (the advanced tips aren’t advanced imo it’s beginner-intermediate) I have about 3 years on roblox studio and the only reason why I still build slow is because how buggy and slow roblox studio is and so reliant on buttons but switching to another 3d software (like blender) is probably less laggy and has more hotkeys (which are easy to get used to and they also have a buttons for beginners incase you can’t remember hotkeys)


yes thats true… good one
i like that advice

The replies to these threads may answer your question:


also what is your game called? if u already have one i wanna see it

There are some Plugins you can use I can link them:

I have one but it’s a mix between free models and scripts but most parts of scripting were by me and the building rate is horrible this is why i need help with building

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what kind of game is it? an obby… rp…?

f3x isn’t a good plugin, it slows down building a lot and pretty much the same as roblox studio but worst (only thing is it has hotkeys but tbh doesn’t make much of a difference)

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it’s a third person shooter but i stopped to update the game for 3 moths

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Ohhhh, ok thats cool
i have a rp game which is dead and it was made mostly of free models

i also have an obby
its new and has no scripts but its really ez to make because u dont have to spend much robux on it.

The names are Mountain city! [racing update]
and Joan’s Difficulty Obby

what is ur game called?

“A FPS game” i made the game on my group

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Ok ima check it out! lemme see…

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Ok… I saw it. Its pretty good! but u should switch the time of day i feel like it would look better if it was daytime in the game or maybe u should a cycle
My friend made a yt video on how to do that… here it is! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNHj-Iac8VQ

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Hi there!

Here are a few plugins that i really like to use when building in studio!

Another thing which will make it easier for you to build, is to use Blender. Blender is a free software for animating and making meshes etc. It’s really good for Low-Poly builds, which is really popular in the roblox community.

I can highly recommend blender and archimedes two (Roblox plugin)

Hopefully this helped you out a bit :slight_smile: