I need some advice about my building skills


Hello, throughtout the years of building various roblox models, nowadays i’m always thinking the models i built are quite simple. Can anyone give me some advice about my Building skills or criticize them? This would really help me a lot in the future.


I would definitely work on your scaling, and adding more depth into your builds for a basic start! You have doors that are less than half the size of your windows and everything is quite flat. Nothing sticks out or interests me about your builds thus far.

Also you should work on your colour schemes, you have pink walls next to a red wall with red windows and a brown outline. A lot of your builds don’t have much of a clear shape to them.

100% you should use some reference images and take some real life inspirations to start progressing further.

The height of a Roblox avatar is around 4 studs, and the average height of a human male is around 180cm (6ft), start using that scale to make sure your houses aren’t as tall as skyscrapers and such.


Yeah everything about your builds seem very 2D.

Your castle is very nice, but there aren’t really any bumps. I suggest making the 2nd story of the castle like the top floor where its “indented”

Also you should decide if your builds need actual texture or not. Your castle bottom has a cobblestone texture added, but that’s about ti

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Thanks for the advice! This could help me in my future builds!

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Try experimenting more with shapes, I believe you will benefit from experimenting it as from what I can see from the given example(s), they’re all four sided - ignoring top and bottom sides. Although I like the simplicity of your builds - especially your tree. Its nice. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I noticed some parts of the windows, roofs, and wedges were uneven, which gave it an offsetting look.

Also, the border around the windows is too thick, along with the overall scale of the windows. It takes up a significant amount of space on the buildings themselves. The scratches here are the approximate size of the door.

For the tree, I’d recommend you learn blender. It will allow you to create things like this with just beginner level knowledge of the software. image

Overall, I like your style! With just a little bit of fine tuning, you can make your builds awesome!

One piece of advice I can give you: Practice. Practice. Practice. Constant practice (even if you don’t want to!!) can help you develop your style of development, and will allow you to gain specific skills that help you create more efficiently and quickly.


Quick Analysis – not as thorough like my previous

It appears that your building are lacking in proportions. Imagine a Roblox character that is exactly the same size of an average person in reality. The thumb rule is to make sure that the character is not too small or too big for the model(not as in a build with interior, but for sightseeing).

In addition, the builds are highly inaccurate when you compare, for instance, the door with the windows, and their size consistency.

You should really find some reference materials or simply looking around buildings in reality where you can compare yourself or the surrounding people with the size of the building.

Essentially I have listed these points:

  • Shaping – We cannot have odd geometry that ruins my eyes!
  • Consistency – Snap to grid is your friend when it comes to orderly architechture.
  • Accuracy – No building should have a corner with two windows with only one lit.
  • Proportional – Comparing the character with a building.
  • Environment – Blends well with the environment or the theme, using correct color palette.

Your builds are quite decent. Practice makes perfect, y’know.


Your work is very ice! I could use little details though!

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Yeah everything about your builds seem awesome.

The tree i would make it low poly to give it that nice style, i’ll link it down below…

The windows on your house in the right corner. Are off the one at the bottom has side line, and the top had a block added to it. But that’s really all you need to fix up!.

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Adding some more depth to your builds could make them look a lot better! Adding some more details can also help. Use references when you can (it’s also a pretty helpful skill for commissions). You could use better colors that could help add to the details and use different materials. You definitely have the ability to build great things, but with these suggestions, you can make your builds a lot better!

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Symmetry is important in some builds - I feel like most of them here should have a more symmetrical look, like the windows. As people pointed out, adding depth would make it better.

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I like that you definitely have a sort of defined style in your builds, but as others have said, a little bit more attention to small details and purposeful placement/scaling can go a long way! Your color schemes are okay, some are realistic so I suggest challenging yourself and picking an unrealistic color palette just to move out of your comfort zone. Not everything you make has to be fantastic, the experience alone is what makes it worth it.

Also, try and build some things that are make-believe, so you can exert some imagination out there without trying to copy an existing object and ending up frustrated if it doesn’t come out exactly like it. And as always, practice practice practice!

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When I see people speak about adding depth to your builds, I notice they dont provide examples of what can help create the illusion of depth.

I’m currently building something and happened to be playing w/ depth I observed with the siding of the walls and general structure without realizing:

Also, this is just a simple build of mine that also has depth through a diff route for siding:

These have shadowmap lighting on btw

The biggest thing that sticks out to me about your builds is in fact the rather blank walls with windows seemingly just placed on top- not being fully coherent with the structures in some instances- to instances of details being too basic to add anything to the build, like in your 3rd picture.

Also, with the slight inconsistencies with bricks’ placements- do you have snap to grid in-fact on? If not, start now with using snap to grid and certain increments. This post has some vital information on snap increments


Thank you for the feeback. Hopefully this helps me with my future builds.


It looks pretty good and I like your building style here are some suggestions:

  • Make that part have no material as it does not match the rest of the build:

  • Like @Squidzyee said, I suggest you work on your scaling. The door is too small compared to the rest of the build.

  • I would suggest lowering this brown part to be half the height of the door:

  • The red doesn’t match the rest of the build on this one in my opinion:

  • You can see where the wedges end on this build:

  • Maybe bring this part out of the wall(making it into more of an L shape as houses usually aren’t square shaped) as I think it would look better:

Sorry if I repeated any points.
I really like your building style and think if you work on your scaling your builds could be great. Great Job :+1:


Maybe if you tried looking at My guide.

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