I need some help and feedback on my 2D survival game

Hello my fellow developers out there! I am currently working on a 2D survival game where the player would have so much fun to enjoy with friends. You may or may not have looked through my previous post about this Thinking of a 2D game. but how would it work?
but now for now i’ve been brain storming some ideas on how this game would work that would be so much fun to play plus i’ve got a ground base on where i should start.

some builds i have made for the game and how I want it to look

about the game
you have to gather resources around the world to craft the most weapons ranging from grappling hooks,swords,guns,bows and so much more! the survivors of this land would come across various enemies all across the world from desert,infected place, grassland,ect. You will come across very epic bosses that will give you various items and materials that can help you through the journey. You and your friends with up to 1-4 players stranded in a 3D world.

In the comments bellow tell me if this game design is pretty good or tell me some tips on what i should add more?

Actually, since your 2D game is based on survival, I prefer you add something that can be an obstacle to a player but it depends on the role of the game.
If it’s a jungle survival 2D game I prefer you place some wild npc animals that can be hostile towards the player and put some trees as obstacles.
If it’s a city-based 2D game I prefer you place some hard obstacles like benches or trash cans and cars so they could run over the player.
This is just my demonstration of 2D running games but as I said it really depends on the role and purpose of the game.
To simplify, to make a great 2D running game, I suggest you add some obstacles or enemies where players can run to and make the game more challenging.

Ah yes thank you for the feedback and help. My game would be placed in a jungle kind of setting our of the city nor the future. Their are many obstacles that i was thinking of like Snow area where they will be frozen or slowed in the water while being stopped or chased by multiple frozen enemies and many more other places like a flame area, dinosaur area perhaps or even a zombified area. my game was inspired by the 2D survival game terraria so i thoght it’d be fun to make something like this which would be cool and satisfying for players to feel.

I made a quick test thing. how does this camera angle look?

The tree and ground is not the final product this is just a test.