I need some help with all these random scripts

Hey there scripters.

Could anyone tell me what this script means?


A while ago someone hired me to build a vibe place, we later became “friends” or so i thought.
A while later I was building something big for him (he was supposed to pay me 20K for it) and he wanted me to add him to tc so he could see what i was doing.
I was just done with it so I put him on edit for not too long.
I thought I could trust him since I’ve known him for a while, we played games together and I made some commissions for him which he payed for.
He came in studio and said it looked nice and everything.
I later found out he stole everything.
I joined him in game and I saw him telling his friends how he made that and stuff.
He was claimed that he built it while I did.
When i joined he banned me instantly.
One of the people there contacted me (my discord is in my bio)
And I explained to her what happened.
her and her friends later confronted him and he kept evading all the questions and ended leaving.
A few weeks later I went back into studio and saw the place polluted with scripts, (he probably put them there for the short period of time he had acces to studio)
And I found all these random scripts and whenever i try to play the game I get kicked from it.

If you have any more questions reply to this topic or send me a private message ^^


This is a virus/backdoor. Delete it.

Edit: and do a full scan of your game and remove existing backdoors aswell


They’re virus/backdoor scripts, I recommend you remove all of them. Likely they placed them themselves or a malicious plugin

I deleted every single script there is but how do I do a full scan of the game?
(there were multiple scripts like that I deleted them all tho)

Its a backdoor, all you have to know is that it’s malicious do delete them, and do a virus scan just to be on the safe side of things. Since your asking what this is i’m assuming its from Toolbox. Refrain from taking things from workspace as much as possible sad thing is it’s not safe.

EDIT: Fixed it accidently said workspace, even forgot its name after not using it for so long

I removed all of the scripts there were, there were multiple like that.

Are you talking about the Toolbox?

It’s not from the toolbox, read the context if you want to know where they came from.

There’s various ways to do it, searching through every scripts (Ctrl + Shift + F) and finding keywords like “getfenv”, “setfenv”, or “require” or using a antivirus plugin, I reccomend manual scanning with searching through other scripts however

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Then most likely it came from a fake/malicious plugin that you or your friend has.

Thanks, but I deleted every script there was in the explored (it’s a build made out of parts and meshes, I’m pretty sure there aren’t supposed to be scripts)

I don’t think it’s from a plugin or anything, the other guy stole my build. (read the context for more info)

You should still do a full scan, nobody in this world can know except you and your friend if theres remains of the virus or not

EDIT: After reading the context, it’s most likely your friend has hard regrets and started putting backdoors to your game

What roblox anti viruses could I use? (I know this is a dumb question but I never use any free models so I never encountered such problems)

Ah sorry to hear your story, I genuinely don’t collab or have people come into the studio with me unless I’m in a close contact with them or I’ve know the for year, just keep try not to invite people even if you know them for sometime into the same studio as you. You could very well avoid these scenario’s completely.

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I used to use this back then, until I started to do stuff like this manually

Yeah I usually never invite randoms in studio but I knew this guy for a while now and i thought I could trust him since he seemed like an actual friend.
Never inviting anyone in studio. Never making the same mistake again.


I should also clarify that backdoors/viruses have access to the server-side, this allows problems such as the backdoor breaking your game, crashing players, or worser, it can give a server-sided executor to some whitelisted people. I will try reverse-engineering this code and see where it leads to just in-case.

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Thanks, I’ll go look up that anti virus, I’ll update you when it’s done.

The viruses I have encountered created constant purchase prompts and ruined effect objects. Just saying those types of attacks exist.

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