I need some some help with what i should build next (intermediate/beginner low-poly builder)

Hello guys im not sure if this is in the right category but im looking on what i can build next the last thing i built was a small forest (Forest - Roblox)
Im still somewhat of a beginner but i think im a bit higher than a beginner i just need some ideas of what to build (LOW-POLY ONLY)


If you want to get to know Roblox studio better you should play around with the tools you have there and reverse once you messed something up. By doing this you will learn the tools in Roblox studio better. Low poly is a category which is not the best in my opinion for learning how to use things in Roblox studio as it’s really simple and more for people who are good with designs.
I’d recommend you to do the opposite and start building small models (this is how I learned to use Roblox studio). These models could be for example a table with a pc a cup and a detailed chair. You should try to add every detail and use the rotate tools move tools rescale tools etc. It will help you much more than low poly trust me.

I hope this helped you.

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Thanks but i have no problem with the tools in studio im just having trouble finding ideas on what to build next and also i build most stuff in blender!

Try building a tropical island, with a volcano. They end up looking very nice as low poly builds.

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Well you said you’re a beginner and that’s why I thought that. Anyways a cool idea that came to my mind (low poly) is a nice lobby with houses and a street. You can keep it really simple and it’ll look great.

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Yes that would look quite nice

If you want more ideas, I got quite a few. Maybe a moon surface? Full with a flag, and maybe if you are up to the challenge, rovers.

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With gathering ideas to what to build next have you did a quick search before creating another topic? I’d recommend creating something your most interested in. Some things to start with, that would be good and wouldn’t be hard and won’t require that much skill would be creating a small terrain or a sort of map and maybe placing some huts or cottage and other objects throughout the land maybe that could be called a simple showcase.

Since your looking for low poly things to create. Some ideas as to what to build could be small town, table, house, weapon assets, ect.

Please search before posting. This has already been discussed a couple of times: