I need support for building

Hello! I’m very very new to being a Roblox DevForum Member!!! This is my very first EVER post, so this is great.

I’m kinda new to Developing with building, I know some basic things but want to know more! If you could help me and just give me some pointers like some Plugins, or Programs to download. Thanks for helping me.


Here’s an amazing topic that includes a lot of plugins.

A program that I recommend is blender. For a beginner, it may be a bit hard to work around, as the UI interface and keys are slightly complicated, however there’s a large amount of tutorials that help with navigating within the software. Blender allows for so much more outside of Studio, but be wary of the triangular/part count when importing into Studio. Blender essentially allows you to create assests that can be exported into Studio, as well as vice verca. Hopefully this helps :slight_smile:

Blender Guru, creates awesome tutorials about Blender; you can find that here. I also recommend Grant Abbit’s tutorials, which can be found here. ↓↓

Also remember, no one starts out perfect. Practise makes progress.

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Thanks a lot and that really helps with the article and the things you told me. Thank you again, have a nice day!

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Hello and welcome to the community :smiley:
As @Xx_FROSTBITExX already provided with a helpful topic link, and suggested using Blender, I’d like to give you some good channels from where you can learn/ enjoy the Blender techniques:

These are the 2 most useful channels I have found for using Blender, just incase you wanna try it out. Hope this helps in some way :smiley:

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I looked at them for one second and already thought they will help me! Thanks for the help and then YouTube Tutorials. I’ll look at them, have a nice day.

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Hey! Welcome to the Community (i’m new too).

For building, i would download the F3X plugin. if you set the increment to 0.0001 the movement and resizing and rotating is so much smoother.

Buildv4 is good too. If you have a part, open it and press the terrain button (the two triangles) and press next to the block, you can duplicate it and rotate it but the plugin keeps it connected, so if you want to build a circle with parts there are no gaps inbetween.

Also, quick tip, DON’T USE MODELS UNLESS YOU HAVE TO. They can have viruses in them.

Blender is great for creating gfx’s too, you can build an avatar in roblox studio and then import it to blender and after a few easy steps, it makes it look way better.
If you look on youtube on how to download Blender 2.79, thats way easier and what most UGC members use (i think) and i can also help you if you use that.

You can insert a character into roblox studio by using the Load Character plugin by AlreadyPro.

I hope I helped!

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It’s helpful to research these specific things as it isn’t required to use softwares to learn building or wanting to strive into creating certain models. However you could use a decent program on the side when your wanting to create complex models something that could be done in a alternative software, start with the basics learn the software and interface get comfortable with the tools; and then get into creating models and more so on and so forth.

I would recommend blender gurus beginner tutorial (donut & mug one) is a great place to start, it’s incredibly in terms of learning the basic tools, techniques, and workflow of blender. He also goes into more detail and explains a lot. There are a lot softwares you could learn but blender good because its very useful and free.

Like any specific software, it will take some practice and learning. Start with a few basic tutorials and you will learn overtime. Always gather the plugins that you need or the ones that will help you with bulldog things more easier!

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