I tried to make a logo for our new game, called "NPC Heroes!"

Twitter: @FireAtacck_GFX

Hello! I’m FireAtacck and I’m Lead Designer on GGames. Today i made an logo for our new game called “NPC Heroes!” but i dont know it looks great or bad? Do you have any feedback for it :slight_smile:
You can write it in comments :smiley:


If you have any questions you can ask me on discord.


Used programs

Photoshop CC 2017

If you are interested in my art you can check My Portfolio : HERE!


I like how it looks and the text you used, but i think you gotta change the eyes because they dont really fit imo. I also think the devil texture must be changed, and also… its not “Atacck”, its “Attack” :sweat_smile:

Hope you can fix that. Keep the good work!

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This logo definitely looks great, i love the wood material used for the bottom text, aswell as the coin & the color palette.

However, as mentionned above there’s a little typo that should be fixed in addition to the faces in top of the text. I would recommend you to change the stare to something more lively such as a winky face, a surprised face etc… Maybe try using the catalog’s faces.

Everything else looks great in my opinion, but maybe try working on the clothing textures for the 2 npcs on the sides of the text also, as they sort of look way too basic in comparison to everything else. Other than that, great work. Carry On !

I think the logo looks pretty good! The only thing I would change is the eyes though because they look very uncanny.

I honestly like the feel of the logo except for a few things. The eyes, they seem to just be staring into my soul. Maybe you should try to add a bit more emotion into the eyes. The other thing is the Devil, it feels like it could be better although I’m not a GFX artist, so I don’t know how hard it is to make something like that.


Fix the pixelated eye, and change the eyes to other else like everyone above me said.

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my nickname is FireAtacck :smiley:

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Everything seems nice but the eyes, something wrong with them eyes…