I want to start scripting, where do I begin?

Hey there! I’ve been very involved in the development community for a while now and have solely focused on building, but I wanna become self sufficient in development. A jack of all trades if you will. I really wanna get into scripting, but I have NO clue where to begin!

If anyone could give me advice on good ways to start off and how to quickly improve that’d be amazing! My focus is on creating simulator games, so if you could give tips and advice that would benefit me in creating a simulator would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers! :grin:


You might find this list of tutorials helpful. Once you’re feeling comfortable with the concepts I would suggest just trying to program whatever it is you would like and even if you don’t end up successfully programming what you want you’ll learn something along the way!

  1. There have been hundreds of topics asking this question before, use the search bar.

  2. There’s no set “way” to learn scripting, it’s whatever works best for you. Some people learn by watching tutorials, others by messing around with scripts from free models.

I definitely recommend using the DevHub, it is great for learning syntax and certain methods.

Good luck learning, and remember, it’s not an overnight thing; keep at it and it’ll come eventually.


Watching youtube videos from alvinblox and Devking is a great way to get into programing, their beginner guides are really helpful and they explain quite clearly. I find that helpful.


similar post but dev experiences in forum:

learn about tables
for i,v in pairs(table or instance:GetChildren())do
server+client side to prevent hackers
watch youtube videos on modelling and scripting
learn basic such as global local variables and functions
learn data types exist in Roblox
learn difference between vector3, udim, scale and offset
learn parameter passing
learn bodymovers
learn animation

you should also know that you should NOT try to memorize every properties an instance have you can serch for it using object browser or roblox devloper site when the time comes for it

well you also need to learn to be patient and test every line of code using print statements and find errors
Research how to fix that error if you dont know how to do it

it takes several hours and you should know that people cant do magic and get the coding correct straight away without trial and error
be proud of what you create and continue improving

math.random works from little number to bigh number math.random(1,6)
not the other way around

also there is something called Rich text which let a developer to style text using html syntax with some tweaks.

its around the past 6 months that i gained a good understanding of how roblox works and i am still imroving

some useful links for ya:


Hope you learn, improve and achieve something in the future
Best of luck
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Try to learn scripting basics: variables, functions, loops etc. Practice it everyday so by time you will understand it and it will be easier to you to get new thing.

Since roblox is game platform, then try to learn game basics: server, client, http etc. It will make you understand how player and server manipulations work


The devhub is a great way to start also some tuts are also good.


I recommend watching the dev king’s playlist of scripting series. And if you don’t understand a certain video, you can ask a question on the forums, look it up on the devhub. And you can search other youtube videos that’s the same topic. Like when I didn’t understand returning and cframe’s, I’d check alvin blox’s video and some other youtubers.

DevKing Advanced Series: Advanced Roblox Scripting Tutorial #1 - Tools (Beginner to Pro 2019) - YouTube

DevKing Beginner Series: Beginner's Roblox Scripting Tutorial #1 - Roblox Studio Basics (Beginner to Pro 2019) - YouTube


The first thing I recommend doing is using your search bar.

Topics like this are in great abundance, this is just more clutter to the already cluttered forum.

But honestly, just start on a project you want to make however big or small, even if you don’t finish it just start coding.

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I learnt everything I know from AlvinBlox and thedevking. They are very very very helpful and know what they are doing. Thedevking teaches you everything to script a simulator. He says that in one of the videos. He did beginner, advanced and gui scripting. I reccomend Alvin, for beginner, and thedevking for advanced. Hope I helped ya.

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I don’t want to copy and paste a script from a tutorial. Instead, I actually want to dissect and understand a script and which lines of code do what, etc.

they explain it amazingly. Trust me

As I mentioned in a previous post similar to this, you generally have 3 options for videos PeasFactory, Alvin_Blox, and TheDevKing. I recommend Alvin_Blox and TheDevKing if you want more modern guides as PeasFactory is a bit old, but I’m not sure how good the 2’s tutorials are since I never used them when I was learning.

You can also read the articles over at education.roblox.com which an be beneficial to new scripters. Once you get the hang of the basics and want to improve, what I would recommend to do sometimes is to look at open source code/projects to see how other developers did certain stuff that you may not know how to do.

Coding is a gradual process that’ll take time to master, so don’t be discouraged if it takes you a while to improve, mistakes happen when coding, a lot of mistakes haha. Usually it’s best to try and understand from the error message what is wrong so you can fix it yourself, especially if they’re simple mistakes like forget an end or having a typo. But if an issue occurs and you are unsure of how to fix it, you can cometo the Devforums to make a post and we can help you understand what’s wrong in your code that’s causing the error!

I wish you good luck in your scripting endeavors and if you have anymore questions don’t be afraid to ask!


Start from small to big. Begin with learning properties. I recommend you to watch AlvinBlox’s YouTube series on learning how to script on Roblox. He explains everything very efficiently.

How can I find open source projects? I don’t wanna be looking for hours.

There a few in the Devforums from what I can remember, There’s Berezza’s Miner’s Haven and Vesteria and Ruddev’s Battle Royale to name a few. They’re most definitely going have a lot of content to look through to see how others did stuff which can help with learning how to make something that you are unsure of. You can do a quick search to find these open source projects.

Start simple, with some tutorials from
AlvinBlox, TheDevKing, Y3llow Mustang.
To learn the basics is the key to everything.

Firstly, find a project then and i want you to make this a simple project, not advanced. Do your research and find code, this is the most important part is to deconstruct the code and understand what the person did in every line of the code. This is personally how I did it, great part about this is, Its a general way programmers and coders learn programming languages i advise you follow this and you can learn code slowly to an advanced level in a week or so.

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