Im new and i don't know where to start

Hey ! Thank you for reading this.
Everything is in the title, i start scripting but i don’t understand, and i don’t know where to start.
I tried YouTube videos, but they all just throw the thing at your face, they don’t explain how it works.
When i say i start, i mean i really, really, really, start, i know what what what algorythmic is but the rest of it i don’t know.
If you could help, that would be great.


Try using the site. They have all contents of Lua covered.


This has been asked and answered many times before:

Search before posting.


First of all, welcome to the Forums.

Secondly, you need to know what your goals are before you start.

Are you trying to learn a new skill? Are you trying accomplish a task - perhaps create a fully functioning game?

Don’t try to rush things. In my opinion, YouTube tutorials are no help when it comes to learning programming. What best helps me is reading documentation and examples.


There are tutorials out there in the devforum and as well as AbiZinho said.
Try to search in the devforum and you will find helpful topics.
Like these:


Sorry i don’t know how to use this i don’t even know where the search bar is…

Im trying to make a fully working game indeed, im tired to take object from the tool box and i want to work alone.
Thanks for the welcome by the way !


The search bar is on the top-right of the page, right next to your avatar:


Im so blind.

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It’s ok. Roblox Development can be super annoying and super rewarding at the same time.


I wrote this light Medium article that runs through a bunch of basic Lua things.

One of the best way to learn is through trial-and-error. Start off by thinking of a reasonable project then see if you can script it. Use Google, the Wiki, and other resources if you get stuck. Once you’ve completed your project, try to take it to the next level by using more advanced concepts or start on a harder project. I personally started off by messing around with free models and seeing if I can get them to work a certain way that I wanted. You can go whatever route you want to go but eventually we all wind up in the same place.


Hey there! I would highly recommend checking out Roblox’s official education resources for quality in-depth tutorials on getting started with Roblox development. They are designed for the classroom, but you can use them on your own as well!


A strategy I would suggest is to start by learning how to script things that interest you (once you learn the basics of scripting in Roblox). This was very important to me because it helped me stay motivated to keep learning more. Roblox Studio is a great engine because it’s designed for both beginners and experts.

Good luck!

I suggest that you are looking at the roblox developer hub it is full of tutorials and also documentation for scripting. I see you tried to use YouTube videos there are still usefull videos on YouTube like AlvinBlox. Scripthelpers is also a good place since people on there help you with your code if something doesnt work.

I learned scripting via the old wiki of roblox which was the old version of Developer hub.

Link to Developer hub:

Link to AlvinBlox Channel:

Link to scripthelpers:

I wish you good luck with your scripting adventure :slight_smile:

Have you ever programmed anything before? I mean I know you said you know about algorithms:

But that’s not always enough to think in code (if you like).

If you have never programmed before, try learning Python 3 and/or a block based language like scratch. These could help a lot, especially Python for the syntax.

However, if you have programmed in the past, great. Lua isn’t that hard and there are loads of great tutorials and the documentation is great.

So, in short, just have a play around and experiment.

Also, final tip: Think Logically. Just think like this is the most logical thing ever and you will pick a lot of scripting up quickly.


I highly recommend the beginner and advanced scripting tutorial created by Peasfactory on YouTube. Very helpful and in-depth.

Scripting can be very difficult to get your head around. The only way you are going to learn is by not giving up as it is really easy just to give up when it gets hard.

A few ways to learn:

  • May I suggest you start with this tutorial series as it starts with the basics and explains things well: Tutorial Series. You did say all of the youtube videos are too in your face but this one is a basics tutorial series and it starts with the most simple things in scripting.

  • I would browse the dev forum and find a small piece of code and try and figure out what it does. This is exactly how I started out. It took me ages to find out what the piece of code I learn from did. However it did teach me various little things.

  • If you come across something that you are confused about just ask people in the scripting support category on here. They will be able to explain it in its simplest format for you.

  • If you are still confused about scripting just message me and I will make some simple scripting tutorials for you.


Well, I suggest going to the ROBLOX Developer Hub website, it explains each line, which would help you since you are just starting scripting, I highly recommend it.