I will draw your avatar! (20R$) + extras!

About Me

Hi there! I am Liam and I’ve recently had a lot of time on my hands to draw and I thought’d it would be nice to try out commissions and expand my portfolio! I have been drawing my whole life and plan as a future to be an artist.
I will be drawing anything needed, the realistic style will be your or your friends avatar, a single 2D cartoony, of your avatar or anything of your choice! And thumbnail etc, will only be used as that. I’m open to any new ideas or options you may have or want.


Here is a showcase of all my art i have worked on, and which you can comission me for. I do not have a lot so far, reason for why I’m opening commissions.

My projects

Realistic drawing of an avatar.


Unfinished thumbnail.

Something I threw up lol.

My finished comissions

Commissioned by AndrewSchofield

Commissioned by Cats767_99.

Commissioned by VqniIlIa

Commission for Epicstealth7.

Commission for Overfearful.

Commission for AndyJrCountyWood465.


I am available for six to eight hours of work on the weekends. You can contact me any time, but I am unable to work during the week due to school, I will most likely be available in the evenings to work on comissions.


Here are all my prices, prices depend on the piece of work and time spent.
2D Cartoony - 20R$
2D Cartoony Thumbnail- 100R$ - 200R$ (Depends on background)
Realistic - 85R$ (Expensive due to each peice taking over an hour)


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum (private message me or reply!) or via discord. (li;#2222)

How can I purchase?

You can simply purchase the 2D 20R$ commission by buying this shirt, Art of avatar - Roblox
If you are interested in buying a realistic commission like the first image on “my projects” for only 85R$ you can purchase the shirt here: Realistic art of avatar - Roblox
sales will be checked, if you buy without contacting me, I will leave the drawing in the replies.


Here is the queue for all the projects, this makes sure I can keep track of everything. I have a queue of 20, so I don’t get overrun with requests. Please note, that the lower you are down the longer it may take. Please remain patient, Thanks. :slight_smile:
Cartoony commissions are usally done on weekdays, and Realistic commissions are usally done on weekends.

Cartoony Queue List
  1. ItzMehTurkey
  2. ComplicatedParadigm
  3. henberrysodapop
  4. BlobTheFish7
  5. SimplyAnchored
  6. Slatryte
  7. FxllenCode
  8. Wrvel
  9. Disobeyedcrab04
  10. Wertyhappy27
  11. caff_fox
  12. polarisprog
  13. luigi78675
  14. Aistrrx
  15. taco123man12345
  16. SxmRxblox
  17. LucidGloom
  18. Crictoli
Realistic Queue List
  1. BlobTheFish7
  2. Plasmaser
  3. Wertyhappy27
  4. ady1111
  5. hynire
  6. Wrvel
  7. Luxorz
  8. LividKloon

Thanks for reading about me and I hope to get some comissions!! :slight_smile:
Any questions, feel free to ask!

been taking a little bit of a break, please be patient with orders, i’ll be getting to do them. I’ve been extremely busy and every cartoony style normally takes me 30 minutes per, as well as realistic versions taking even longer. for now im focussing on realistic (weekend) thanks!!

UPDATE 26/03/2021
hi! i’ve done a few of the cartoonys, but would much rather release them in batches now! i’ve been recently busy with exams (end of term) i have 2 weeks off and should be focussing on completing the comissions. i end on thursday, but revising is much more important to me and this is a fun hobby to improve my styles, hope all can understand <3


Bought it! Nice work! Sure you’ll get a lot of commissions!


Is it pay first, than you make it or is it you make it, then we pay?


For now I’d rather pay first, if the art isn’t given between 1-4 days I can refund. Sorry if i didn’t make that clear. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your comission! I love your work.
Your avatar was so fun to draw, hope you like it ! : )


Woah! It looks great! Thank you as well!


These look great! You should raise your prices. :slight_smile:


I bought it! very excited to see the results.

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Thank you for saying that, I appreciate it! : )

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I would like a drawing please! Also I just bought it!

Hi, what are you looking for?
If you’re looking for the standard cartoony drawing you can purchase it here: Art of avatar - Roblox
However if you’re looking for any of the other options listed, let me know! : )

cartoony pls.

Comission finished for @AndrewSchofield ! Thank you for the purchase, and I hope you like what it turned out as. I loved drawing your avatar.


I would like a drawing please. Also I just right now buy that shirt

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If you add backgrounds for the drawings, it’d stand out more! And also, you should increase your prices. 20 robux for this is too cheap.

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Thank you for the advice! I’ll try out a background in my next commission. As well as that, I don’t really know what would suit the price because anything over 40/50 robux would be deemed too expensive.

Hi! Great work! I already have a profile pic, but these look really good and I wanted to order one! :laughing:

Update: Just bought the shirt!


Just bought one as well, mine should be a bit of a challenge hehe.

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I got the shirt, I am excited for mine!

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Wow, these are nice, what program do you use?

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