Ice Skating Script?


Hey guys!

I am currently making an ice skating rink for my holiday update for my theme park. As very few know, I am not the world’s greatest scripter.
Would anyone mind sparing a script?

Also, does anyone know any good Ice textures?

I can give more information on what I desire if you need it.



You don’t explicitly need a script to create a skating rink unless you’re implementing very specific features such as the skating boots, performing tricks and whatnot. If your goal is mainly just to get players to slide on the ice, you can set the part’s CustomPhysicalProperties bool.

You can also create and set PhysicalProperties via a script. See the linked article for information.


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The script was unsuccessful. I moved around on the Ice, and it felt like I was still walking.


What script? Such information would be nice to have to further look into a solution for the problem.


I only put the script into the Block.


What script? Not where you put it. Please provide a snippet of the code you attempted to use, as well as any other solutions you tried at this time (such as configuring the CustomPhysicalProperties bool and thus the new category that appears in the explorer tab for configuring BasePart physics properties).


From the link you gave me, I made a script and copy and pasted this code into each block:

local part = script.Parent

-- The properties to set
-- This will make the part light and bouncy!
local density = .3
local friction = .1
local elasticity = 1
local frictionWeight = 1
local elasticityWeight = 1

-- Construct new PhysicalProperties and set
local physProperties =, friction, elasticity, frictionWeight, elasticityWeight)
part.CustomPhysicalProperties = physProperties

I did nothing else, I just added it to a regular part.

Do remember that I am not aware of how to script at the moment.


I believe the issue is that you’re setting your values too low. Your friction should have a heavier weighting and a lower value.

Lower friction = less sticky
Higher weighting = how much it affects physics

Play around with your numbers a bit. I configured CustomPhysicalProperties on a BasePart and got slippery ice. Obviously you shouldn’t use the same numbers I did because this doesn’t even qualify as realistic ice, but it should give you perspective on what to look for.


You can ignore elasticity, doesn’t have any bearing on friction. 20 works for some good ice.



Thank you, didn’t realize someone was already discussing this topic! :joy:


Tested, and it’s exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!