Iclyn's Theme - Composing

Another new track that I have been working on. It is using a previous melody from a previous song with adjustments to a specific key while incorporating more “phrased” and adjusted instruments.

A lot of questions could be answered if you don’t have a good start for constructive feedback, which would aid my own journey in composing. Also you can ask me anything about it.


Artistical interpretation
What are your first impressions(feelings) on the song? Can you describe it with a few words? Anything that draws in your imagination? What kind of game could this be in?

Technical details
Anything that is clashing or confusing? Is there an instrument that I should tweak?

Feel free to ask me anything about the song specifically. With the questions, I will answer them if possible.



Definitely has an icy feel, hence the name I assume. Sounds like something that would play in a cave because of the reverb. I really enjoy the simplicity of it, it has a clear structure and flows well while just maintaining the same plucky style throughout.

One thing that this song could benefit from is additional or miscellaneous sound design, such as a quiet ambience in the beginning, or layering water droplet effects on impactful notes. Just to further build an immersive environment.


Makes me think of icy cave exploration. Nice work!

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There are my thoughts while listening! Overall though, sounds amazing, I love it :smiley:

Sounds like you are exploring an ancient icy cave. Beginning starts off chaotic and then the bass line takes control of the song. The reverb definitely gives it a mysterious or ancient feeling. What was your inspiration for this song, or what were you trying to convey?

I agree with Zacchary on the point that if your goal is to build on the environment then some ambience would be good. A thought I had would be a quiet choir that acts like the chords, short notes, and sorta goes like “ah-ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah-ah.” LOL Really hard to convey that in text, but that was just my personal idea, so not much to do with the actual song.

Awesome track, great job!

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Current inspiration came from an interpretation of my dreams. Whenever I experience these dream sequences, they seem pretty close yet are unreachable. That is when the interpretation shifts into exploring reality to possibility.

The theme is very icy as intended. I could always improve with additional synth pads, which was my old style of composing: chordally playing the pads to achieve the fullness.