Iclyn's Theme, Part II - Composing

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The song was entirely inspired by ethereal themes and ice, with the melody being a re-used one from Timeless Meadows, only to be slightly different(intentional off-key notes). The purpose of this is to see if I was able to create a personal theme in different thematics. Eventually, you will find more songs that I compose using the same melody. I guess it is my favorite composed melody out of all times.


Read the first mentioned topic and find more about the expected constructive feedback, that I intend to use to improve the existing piece, but also future composing.


They’re not a lot to say about it it has a very nice ring to it This is an amazing masterpiece.

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Listening for the first minute of the song, It felt dreamy and something I’d almost fall asleep too. In terms of how my imagination it feels like something you would find in a magical cave, an icy cavern, being in the clouds, or even in a beautiful space walk. Anything peaceful in my opinion could fit with this.
Now I’m not that technical in music so I don’t see anything wrong with the music that really catches my eye (ear in this case). I also think you were able to “loop it” quite well. It had the same kind of sound but it didn’t feel repeated if you catch my drift.
Now my tastes for soundtrack like this is way different from this, I like soundtracks from DOOM and Hotline Miami, but this song is really cool keep it up!.

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I’m intrigued by the design of the song, if it is possible, mind sharing with us the process of making these songs? Currently the only one I can find is this:

What software do you use? Is there a free software you would recommend us using? Which instruments do you use?
There’s something about this song and the background details that really brings the listener listening for more, maybe the reverbed notes in the background? What are some of your tricks?
Sorry if I’m asking for too much, this piece is amazing and I really want to learn from it.]!

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really smooth delay on those plucks!

The software I’m currently using is Logic Pro X, which isn’t for free. Free softwares do take extra effort to achieve the sounds. In fact, some fellow composers recommended this to newbies:

The song has a story to tell and it is expressed in music. The better phrasing, articulations and transitions, the better the song sounds in general. The reverb is just an ethereal effect. Not to mention that I was emotionally expressing the melody. Unlike corporate music, the music I compose contains plenty of emotions added to the mix.

Additionally, the song is completely in MIDI. If you want better progressions, you can either go additive or subtractive methods, where adding notes to the chords or melody or removing from the chords results in either fullness or emptiness. Important numbers are 5, 7, 9 and 11.

Most songs I have listened to from other composers seems to be unable to “rephrase” their melody after the first one. If you are able to do that, it is close to something like telling the same tale but in synonyms.

FInally, influences are great. I have plenty of them, such as Armin Van Buuren and his ASOT label, then Paul Haslinger, Hans Zimmer and many others. In essence, people needs patience to listen to certain songs passively in order to hear the sounds.

Also for various reasons, I have hummed myself those melodies before. I’m still surprised how I still maintained them. Humming actually helps you find the correct notes if you want to build a melody.


A little off-topic from the constructive feedback, but what software did you use to compose with?

Also as on-topic feedback, my first impression was that I thought it was remix of one of the Minecraft songs,(lol), from the first two notes, but that quickly went away, as I listened on, the different note changes grabbed my attention, when the key change notes started occurring it gave me a confused then worried feeling, but was soon cleared up a little when the lower notes kicked in. I thought it sounded really cool, and nice, but not quite relaxing as it went on, when the higher tune track kicked on it brought back some of the cautious feeling that had been brought on earlier. When it went just back to the key change notes it brought back once again the worried feeling from before, but in a slightly less amount. At the end of that section when it began to speed up for a small moment, it got me ready for there to be this big moment with fast interesting notes, so when there wasn’t it caught my attention upon into the next section. With the bringing back of the lower notes and the accompanying notes it calmed me down a little, except for when that little off-key note kicked in. Back into the main off-key track, it brings me into a sense of caution as thinking that I could expect something bad or dangerous to occur at any moment. This next part gets me feeling a little better, as it feels a little happier, but then when I think about how it’s happier it sets in that it could just be building a cover for some bad to be about to happen, now fixed with that feeling I listen on, I become curios what could happen next in whatever situation I’m in, the next part giving me a good 40% feeling of being rushed, anxiety. Then it starts to end, I start to calm f=down a small bit, about 25.87%, then the decrease stops, I a go on with that remaining feeling. The song ends, and I’m slightly relieved, but also questionate of what may have happened next if the composer (you) had continued on with the song, (Probably just the music side in me and not as much what the feeling of the song gives throughout it though), but when it ends I imagine that the player would probably be a bit more wary, about maybe 63.56% wary of what might happen soon on the path ahead.

I thought it was a great song overall. Really cool!

Edit: I just noticed you already answered the question about what software you use,
then I guess another question I have is how long did it take you to compose this song?

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It took about 8 hours of work in two days. Sufficiently enough to work on the base before I set the ambience.


That’s quite quick, at least compared to it takes me to do things sometimes. Nice job!

@Operatik you never cease to amaze me! The composition is complex, yet simple. And the ambient effect you’ve achieved is superb! As for constructive criticism, I have none; the composition has surpassed any standards that could ever be set on such a masterpiece. Keep up the great work friend, I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!

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We’re anticipating the third update. Before we move on, here is 2.5 version before we reach the “finalized” version in arrangement.


@Operatik This is an amazing part for a game. If you were to add this in an “icy cave” (depending on the game) I would recommend perhaps adding more minors and flats to give a more odd and empty feeling. Please give me some game details (if its for a game) and I might be able to help. This could also be details on how you want it to sound. I wish you good luck, and I think you have a lot of potential. I could 100% see you making music for a big game.

While the name is implying icy caves, it seems to be more “open” than that. Apparently the landscape I imagined was a night sky in the northern hemisphere during winter, a cold night. Although it may be a BGM, it sounds more like an opening theme.

Not to mention it was inspired by ethereal themes as well.

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Oh, this is perfect. I wasn’t very sure as to what this was for, however this is perfect for that. On your next pieces I suggest you add some more details and such for people like me. This is absolutely perfect for what you were going for, and I’m excited to see your future pieces. Good luck!

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I love it. It’s great and I feel like I’m in a cold and icy cave while listening. That means you did a great job.

I actually did imagine that I’m in a cold forest with a icy cave near me. And also it was very dark.