Iclyn's Theme, Part III - Composing

Follow up topic after: Iclyn's Theme, Part II - Composing

Final Arrangement

It looks like we’re sort of done with the arrangement, I added and moved things around. Some details are more subtle, others are more noticeable. Now my question is, should I improve the ambience or, if not, should I change something?

Additionally, maybe you can provide a story for the song itself? Let me know what your interpretation of the song is and I will think about it.


I’m not a composer so I can’t give you any criticism about that stuff but I like how the song kinda takes you out of your comfort zone
Also I feel like this sounds like the theme for an adventure game about the elements


Masterpiece. It’s amazing it makes me think I’m in the middle of no where, at a cold night, outside a forest. I can’t wait to see the game with this music.


Really nice piece! I see how you moved things around judging on your last thread, but, there is one note that stands out too much and you can hear it at 1:30 - 1:31. It just doesn’t feel like it belongs there.

Otherwise, I love this piece! I really like how you ended the song!