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personally the changes to the ui are fine and having a button to toggle the mic instead of the weird chat bubble is nice
though but curtain things kinda bug me, like how theres no way to sort the icons after youve opened them and having to open the bar every time.
if there was maybe some way to set the order of the buttons and have them save between games or some way to have buttons outside of the bar that would be awesome
also maybe having an option to move the leaderboard to the top so its not offset downwards

still like the old one ui more though, feels more compact and less awkward to use

also whats the point of the self view?
its just kinda a buggy version of your character model for no reason
does it really need a button thats always on the toolbar over something like the chat or backpack?
maybe its for the face tracking but why is it there when i dont have it enabled (both in the account settings and on the game)
correction: the chat IS a button thats always on the first bar, i just didnt see it at first

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Great! Can’t wait for the Core UI to be completely overhauled again two years from now. Why do you enjoy torturing your players with constant, unfavorable change? You obviously aren’t great at this – just let us do it ourselves.


I tend to open and close the chat a ton, i dont like having the chat open constantly cause then theres just a wall of text on the top left of my screen but i still want to be able to read the chat

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I feel like just saying “oh if you cant adapt to small changes you shouldnt be a game developer” is really ignorant, alot of games have different uis. some have a little some have alot. some have to shift around a ton of stuff and redesign alot of buttons to make them fit with the new ui like I have to
not ever game is the same


I personally really don’t like this change, especially the way that you need to do 2 steps to open and close the chat. Also, there is other factors to consider, like other projects similar to Topbar Plus that a lot of games use, including mine, and we’ll have to remake the whole UI navigation.

Also, think about mobile players. The chat button is going to be really annoying to open. And I know there is a lot of people that are saying that “you don’t really open or close the chat a lot”, but mobile players do, and they tend to do that a lot. And that the chat box takes a lot of space up on small screens and it’s going to be a pain to constantly get in and out of the chat.

Please give us an option to use the old UI instead of this. This is going to ruin a ton of games UI.

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The old UI was fine, why are you changing it?


Most likely because the old UI didn’t fit a button for Microphone and Camera, so before those 2 were a bubble above your head. But with this update it changes into being part of the UI.

Roblox probably had to fit the buttons somewhere and just decided to redesign everything.


Then they could’ve just added them into the three dots in the right corner. There is no point in this update. It ruins a lot of games UI and is just annoying in general, especially for mobile users.


sorry i would but it is an entire new chat system. it doesnt work for the exsisting chat

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I kinda miss the old UI, why change it?

Realest take I’ve seen on DevForum in a while. Also there is literally zero security risks if they provide us with proper APIs

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I love this new UI! It is more organized than the old one, and the move to the left makes it easier to use. The particular design is very clean, even though it makes opening the chat a bit more challenging. It feels much more modernized than the old one. Additionally, the inclusion of “TopbarSafeInsets” is a valuable enhancement for a smoother development experience.

However, I found some bugs:

Hovering multiple buttons at once:

It shouldn’t be possible to hover two buttons at once.

Report section disappearing:

When clicking on the report button in the top bar or directly in the menu, it disappears and reappears after a second.

Self view holding problem:

While walking and holding the self-view, it suddenly moves to the left side of the screen, even though it’s not a big problem at all.

Double beta voice chat icon:

When playing a game that has voice chat enabled, there are two beta icons while there should be only one. Clicking on it hides the menu icon and can move the developer UI.


This new topbar has ruined 99% of all of my UI, and now I have to manually change every single element for dozens of my games. Even with the topbar inset API it is going to take a very long time to fix everything. Can you please add an option to use the old topbar because I never thought the topbar would ever change in vertical size.

After a few days of getting the API implemented into my current project, I have still found a few issues with it. For some reason for ~10 seconds or so the API returns 0 for the topbar height and even if I wait for it to return ~= 0 sometimes it gives me the wrong value (36) instead of whatever the size of the new topbar actually is. It doesn’t happen all the time however which I found quite peculiar.


Powering Imagination


Can you please please PLEASE reduce the topbar size? I have to resize half my UI because of this change and its SO HARD to close/reopen chat.


Hi @lor5s!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the new UI. We recognize that adapting to changes can be a challenging process especially when introducing a new design. It’s great to hear you recognize the long-term benefits of a cleaner design. Your feedback is essential in helping us find the right balance for future improvements.

Hi @steel_apples

Glad to hear that you find the new toggle for the mic a positive update! Your ideas about UI customization and organization for sorting and saving button order are intriguing :thinking: . While we don’t have plans right now, we will add your ideas to our backlog for consideration in future updates.

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Hi @PIayanad

Thank you for sharing your concerns. We’re taking your feedback seriously and value your desire for greater control over UI design in your games. Our aim is to provide a cohesive platform experience that is durable for future growth while considering the creative freedom of developers.

Uhh, you do realize that the leaderboard and backpack controls are still hidden under the button, right? Its just now to the left instead of the right. Not sure how that’ll clear confusion or be less annoying, seeing as its the same exact thing