I'd like to improve upon this corridor


I’m new to building and would like some assistance with this corridor build. I get a bit perplexed when I construct these types of builds.

I’d like to achieve something clean, slick and simple. I’m not particularly looking to go all out with the build; just something neat. The purpose of this build is to expand my knowledge in lighting, ideal material selection and colouration.

With the information out of the way, here’s a picture in tunnel view:

As well as another with some sense of perspective via two “Humanoids”:

In addition to all that, as seen in the images, I’m going for a wooden look/style. I’m very open to any suggestions and critiques, thanks!

The post wants me to elaborate on what I’ve tried so far (for my situation) however I can’t really fix my problems without assistance. I’ve looked up references but of course, to no avail.


looks nice, I think it’d look better if you had some wall pillars. And you’re probably gonna add these later but some wooden furniture would also look fitting

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Thank you for the suggestion:

I’ve added four pillars (two on each side of the corridor) and two arches between adjacent pillars. In addition, the ceiling seemed quite bland and boxed. To counter that, I’ve given the ceiling a slight curve.

You may also notice that I’ve added a red carpet. It looks okay but it definitely needs some work; a real texture and a proper colour.

Here’s a picture of the current corridor:

I think it’s looking better, however the entire corridor really only has one colour; brown. To counter bland colour selection, I was thinking of adding some foliage. Possibly some vines running down both the arches, or some potted plants aside the pillars and or doors.

In addition to the colour blandness, I’ve been thinking about adding some wall lamps every second door (because there’s a light source without emission; it makes the lighting quite awkward) This may also help with the blandness as the walls don’t have much attached to them, except for the doors, which by themselves don’t really get rid of the blandness.

Given these changes, I’d like your feedback :slight_smile:
Thank you, again.

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Wow turned out better in the build than in my head. I’m not much of a builder so I can’t really give you any advice however, if you’re gonna add some foliage, I suggest you turn the lighting down to make it look a bit more decrypted. Though this will ruin your wooden look/style you were going for but, I believe that it’ll make the build look more natural.

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Maybe change the main wall color?

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I suggest making frames for the doors

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It looks nice. I do feel like you could improve on the lighting aspect of the build, because it’s just highlighting everything instead of specific parts, which is what I believe doors does best.

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Thank you all for your suggestions:

I’ve put all your suggestions into play and have created something which I’m semi-happy with. It can certainly use room for improvement, but that’s with everything.

I’d like to hear your thoughts with the updated build. More suggestions are always welcome.

Content which I've updated:
  • Changed the skirtboards material to WoodenPlanks and altered the colour.
  • Changed the colour of all the walls.
  • Added doorframes to each door (I may alter the design in the future)
  • Added supports and vines to both of the arches.
  • Added wall lamps (three to each side) and gave them a very subtly light emission.

Here’s a tunnel view picture:

Thanks a bunch again everyone :slight_smile:

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Fix the wood grain or he will come for you in your sleep.

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Might I ask what you mean by “wood grain”? For which surfaces?

Wood grain in this context is the direction the grain of wood is facing.
In your screenshots, because the doors are longer upwards, the wood grain should be facing upwards, not sideways.

Same goes for the pillars.

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Ah, I see. So in a sense it’s the normal (direction) of the texture. I presume you mean this:

Should become this:

Where each vertex “normal” (the terribly drawn white arrows) is pointing up, making the wood texture appear prominently on the y-axis (going upwards)

Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

p.s. let me know if I’m wrong or not

You are correct on everything besides the top part. They should be running along the length of the part.

thanks for understanding my terrible explanation of wood grain lol. I’m no woodworker

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I see, so the normal of both the door and “side frames” should be facing “upwards”, whilst the “top frame” normal should be directed along the side?

no worries haha, first time messing around with this stuff

Yup, that is correct.

And to fix the pillars along the wall, add a part inside the cylinder and create a model with those two objects inside it. After that, make the part inside the PrimaryPart of the model.

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Thanks for the clarification.

I’m now stumped on what you mean by creating a cylinder, grouping (creating a model) both the Centre part and the newly instanced part, and finally setting the PrimaryPart of the model to the newly created part.

I attempted to do just that, but I’ve for sure done something incorrectly. Any room to elaboration?


You just need one model for the pillar I believe.

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Unfortunately to no avail:


May I ask what this does? Or how it’s expected to behave?

It’s supposed to (at least when I tried) make all the parts within the model have the same material orientation as the primary part.

I honestly don’t really use this trick myself. I found it on some old Roblox building trick video. :sob:

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No worries, I’ll probably just cover it up in some way.

That aside though, thank you for your help.