Idea For more native Vr Support

Currently Vr Games without any custom vr code do not have very good support; ingame guis do not follow the players head and in order to move the guis you have to disable and renable them.

You are also locked into third person as well if there no custom vr scripts, and the camera only moving when your character moves is jarring as well(I know its there to avoid motion sickness but after 50 or so hours of vr you get used to it, and there are more immersive and less jarring modes of locomotion currently implemented into vr games that help with motion sickness as well)

What i would really like to see for VR is a custom r15 animation package that moves your character based on your hands/controllers location and your head’s/headsets location. This would be much more immersive than the current default vr experience, which is just looking down at your character while they move around. It currently feels less like im playing VR roblox and more like im playing roblox with a vr headset if you can get that.


First person VR in roblox is actually a much worse experience as a default. Everything looks huge, and everyone is ridiculously wide and runs at olympic speed. Roblox characters were designed from the beginning to be toys, so they suit 3rd person much better.

VR doesnt lend itself to dynamic environments with lots of verticality and moving parts. There really isn’t a “good” solution for perspective and locomotion in roblox VR that satisfies a significant amount of games. I think it’s really on the developer to implement proper VR support themselves.


First Person being not the default, but an option that can be turned on sounds fine, but I do think that the issue you bring up of everything looking huge and disproportional characters is a non issue. One of the major top VR games (VRchat) has custom avatars that can appear extremely small,wide, or tall based on your avatar; and extremely large looking enviroments. It still is a high trending and popular VR experience because those are not gamebreaking issues in VR, and are often cool to look at.

I do think that having a default/built in first person mode for VR would work great/would benefit for games that involve walking around large areas looking at stuff; such as Natural Disaster Survival/Disaster Survival Games, Tycoons, Roblox Art Galleries/Showcase maps.

Also a Default First Person R15 VR package being added would give devs a template that they could add onto in order to give vr support to their game that uses non standard items such as First Person Shooter games.


VR support is still lackluster, I think another feature that would make it good is the chat gui actually being present on screen, and a button that gives access to a virtual keyboard. (but should be added after first person is implemented as a default)

VR is only getting more popular with the release the bethesda VR ports and cheaper VR headsets being brought to the market, and current roblox VR can’t compete with many other free VR games due to its weird camera and poor immersion.

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