Idea with lighting detail

i’m looking to make my lights more photorealistic in one of my showcase. is there a way i could make lighting detail more realistic, beaming off people. and on the ground! if you have any idea? thank you!

RobloxScreenShot20210120_184859252 (2)


honestly just mess with the lighting and different effects is all i can really tell you to do

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I’ve been thinking of the same thing, sometimes I use bloom and blur to make my lighting and setting more realistic, it all depends on the environment surrounding your light source. An old-school way is to use transparent parts to make your own lighting effects, although I wouldn’t recommend it. Hope this kinda helped.

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You could try artificial shadows, and decals? I’m not too sure, not much of a lighting expert.

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Enable Future lighting in Lighting Properties.


i’ll see if i can make something with realistic lighting, since future lighting looks the same as shadowmap when it’s outside. it seems like it only work better inside buildings. thank you!

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That looks great, maybe make the part neon a little darker so it isnt so intense.


The light itself is very realistic already, good job on that! Here are some suggestions for you:

  • Turn the lighting technology to “Future” (if you haven’t already)
  • Mess around with Pointlights, Spotlights and Surfacelights
  • Try messing around with ColourCorrection in lighting
  • Depending on the theme of the game, mess around with some lighting in specific ways that match your game’s style.

Other than those, I dont really have much else to say. Good job on this, keep the great work up!