Ideas for an UI button

Hello fellow developers.
Unfortunately, I am not as creative as I thought I am. However, I’m in need of ideas.
I need ideas on UI button animation. For example, something happens when the mouse enters the button, I am just asking for ideas not the script itself nor how to do it. I’m trying to improve my knowledge based on doing something without trying to get help to achieve that goal. Any ideas will be helpful!

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You should probably bring this to art design support, that’s where you talk about stuff like this.


I have an example here:

Using, UIListLayout, Button AnchorPoint(0.5, 0.5), TweeningButtonSize(x, y)

How would i be able to script this. Can you personally message me on here and explain to me more. Ive been tryna find something like this but there are no youtube videos that talk more about this kind of stuff.


LocalScript: (Sorry the code is rough, I removed the previous one, so I had to this quick)

local btns = script.Parent.Folder:GetChildren() -- Gets Folder Children

for _, v in pairs(btns) do -- Loop through buttons
	if v:IsA("GuiButton") then -- Check if GuiObject(v) is TextButton
		v.MouseEnter:Connect(function() -- Mouse Enters TextButton(v)
			v:TweenSize(, 210,0, 60), "Out", "Sine", 0.1) -- Tweens Button's(v) Size / Increase in size
		v.MouseLeave:Connect(function() -- Mouse Leaves TextButton(v)
			v:TweenSize(, 200,0, 50), "Out", "Sine", 0.1) -- Tweens Button's(v) Size / Decrease in size

UIListLayout Properties:
Change TextButton AnchorPoint:


Possibly look at this thread:
Show off your UI designs

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