Ideas For Lag Reduction

Hey hey! So my question is, what are ways to decrease lag? I’ve got a lot of parts so I think that might be the cause. I’d love some ideas for making it less laggy!

Try using the union and negate tool and make sure there isn’t any duplicated models inside another model, that’s the best advice so remember use negate and watch out for duplicated parts.

Ok sounds good! I’ll go try it!

Yeah, this is a major lag fest. I’ll be sure to change it, thanks!

You can condense BasePart count if you are building something really large and that there is two parts that perfectly align along an axis(locally or globally). To condense, you can remove the other part and re-size over that part with the first.

Union part so they will be less laggy

Please don’t use unions as a means of removing lag if you don’t plan on re-using said unions or you don’t need to union to create whatever asset you need.

Lowering part count does not necessarily equal removing “lag” when you’re unioning those parts. You might be making things worse by unioning as it can create a complex high-tri asset which is not good for performance.

If you are re-using a unioned asset, then this would be more optimal due to union/mesh instancing. Re-using unions is good.

Unioning parts together to reduce part-count and not re-using that union is unnecessary if you’re just wanting to reduce “lag.” It worsens performance especially if that union has a high tri-count.

Using unions is not as performance-damaging as before when unions were initially released but using unions to reduce part count isn’t necessary if you don’t plan on re-using the unions and don’t need to union/negate to create your asset.

This topic covers a lot of good information: Quick Guide Into CSG: Increasing Performance of Unions & Meshes


Referring to what @mer5000 said, unioning is NOT a way to reduce lag in a game, if done in the right circumstances lag CAN be reduced minorly but this is only when there is no Z-collision / fighting, unioning when parts collide can create new, unnecessary tris.