Ideas for making an Immersive Ruined Dungeon?


So recently, I took a lovely job of making a Dungeon. So what I thought, a cool theme would be making it ruined. Aside, from that theme, I don’t really know how I should design the dungeon, to make the players feel like they’re actually inside a dungeon with monsters and traps laid out, waiting for them in the silent darkness.

Here’s an image of a door that’ll be used around the dungeon, which I made for it.


The doors are very impressive. I would say if you make a dungeon you need a theme say an Egyptian dungeon you would add lots of old statues cob webs, coffins things like that and what would be cool is if you have a room filled with gold and other jewels and when ever you touch a piece of gold a trap would come and you need to escape :wink: Dungeon escape would be a pretty cool game.


Add moss around the door and make the lighting gloomy. Make torches with fire and eery noises. Water drips, broken gates. Those are ideas I just threw around.


You should use more textures instead of using the default materials Roblox give you. The materials Roblox give you is good but you’ll be better off finding other textures to make this more immersive.

Things you can consider:

  • Imperfections for a “Ruined” dungeon is what you need to be getting at. and there is a lot of symmetry from the details on the door to the hinges.
    Make some dents, make it seem that its been damaged by making cuts on the perimeter of the door.

  • Let the environment take over. If your dungeon is set in a jungle then add some moss and more stone. If your dungeon is set in a house then add mould and cracks. Just make some research and let yourself go free.

Good start!


  • Thanks a lot for the feedback and suggestions! Though, I suppose finding myself a specified theme, since I just realized that the term “Ruined” is far too generalized in some way.

  • I appreciate the creative ideas. I think that it’d be best to put moss, as well as fixing the lighting when I’m doing the final touches.

  • It may not be obvious, but there is wood texture on the doors. I’ve tried different textures for the design, same goes for the door base itself. I just came to the conclusion of not going overboard at all. Though, thanks for quoting a post that shows the websites. It’ll be useful for me in the future.

  • I agree. I think I’ve designed the dungeon to actually look symmetrical, I might have to adjust a lot of things. Especially since I started doing the walls. Thanks for the feedback and suggestions!

Here’s a bit of the progress I currently made: (I’m kinda slow right now, since I haven’t planned beforehand.)

Apologies for the inconsistencies in the reply. I’m not that much used to how DevForum’s Mark 101 Text works. I’ll improve it as I go on.

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That build looks great so far, but is it a showcase or is it functional – i.e., to be used for a game, etc.? If it’s a showcase, I would use actual small bricks to constitute the walls rather than CSGed Roblox blocks. It would also be a good idea to add bricks around the top of the door, such as this:

IMO, the fact that the walls are all the same colour is unrealistic. Stone is often not the same colour, especially in what I’m guessing is this ancient Egyptian circumstance. I would use the RGB feature to make stones of differing colours for this.


What kind of dungeon theme is it?

I’m currently working on an egyptian crypt, maybe we can share inspiration?


Ah. I do suppose that I’ve used colors of the same kind way too much. I’ll try implementing the different types of colors, as well as improve the door’s frame to match the “Ruined” feel. Although, I’m trying to use the least bricks as I can, while imposing visuals to the highest quality, all due because it’s for a game. Aside from that, thank you for the constructive criticism on my recent progress.


The dungeon I’m working on revolves around the theme, “Ruined-Medieval”-ish. I best believe from the images you sent, we differ on what we are both building. There is somewhat a similiarity between the first 2 pictures and what I’m trying to aim for when I finally get to building the designated rooms.


If you like to make dungeons, so me too I loved to make dungeons, actually I made a game who looks like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon named Roblox Mystery Dungeon ! So I make dungeons with floors and you ?


I’m not much of a builder but I think if you make it dark, add some sort of fog or something that limits viability it would really make it eerie. Maybe also lay out one obvious trap at the start which is sort-of hidden but noticeable. The player would be careful where they step after that.


@DarkBegin I don’t like to make dungeons in particular, though they are fun to make. Actually, this will be the first ever dungeon I will be making. After I complete this, it would be up to my satisfaction whether I want to make another or not.

@f_3v It is in my plans that I’ll be adjusting lighting and limiting the player’s vision to nearby objects. Though, I don’t think I should be thinking of that yet, as I’m still in the stage of designing. Weirdly enough, there’s only about 7 rooms, I think? Featuring 3 Monster Rooms, 2 Trapped Rooms, 1 Mini-Boss Room and last but not the least, the Boss Room.


I think that it would look great if the walls were cracked and from these cracks it should come in some light or maybe red eyes. You should also think about adding some vine plants on the walls and maybe some white crystals. Good luck! :grinning: