Ideas, suggestions, etc

Hey, Devforum. If you didn’t know, I’ve been trying to get away from fashion related gfx and more into realism and photomanip. I’m in need of feedback for anything, and any gfx ideas to get me started. I currently use C4D and photoshop, and yes I’m learning the basics of them at the moment. Much Love, Kar_iias.

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For feedback you need to provide us something to give feedback on.


Oh, sorry. Check out my profile. I have uploaded some GFX there!

Where? On here?

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Found two topics on their profile.

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Would of been good of her to provide a link to them so we didn’t have to go looking around ourselves and give feedback on pieces she might not actually want feedback on but thank you!

Yeah, I wasn’t going to post anything but seeing as it’s been four hours without any response from their end, I thought I might as well.

Your work looks awesome! Partially unique, but it’s hard to be 100% unique when competing with all these other incredible GFX artists.

I will say, don’t use too many layers to make it look blurry, keep it simple yet detailed.