Identical Gui to CoreGui?

So in this game The Rake Remastered and some other games as well, the developer has put a custom gui that looks identical if not the same as the Standard CoreGui with the Chat and Roblox Menu Icons.

(Please ignore the white outline) So I know that you can’t parent gui’s to the CoreGui with regular scripts so they had to parent it to the StarterGui or PlayerGui but how can you make something like this identical to the actual CoreGui icons?

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Whoever is most likely using this:

You can find all Roblox icons here, or most of em:

And the tweening info seems to be quad out:

Additionally, you could check out source code via github for many projects people have done like the TopbarPlus thing mentioned above.

The dark theme is all black (0,0,0) with a .5 transparency. Or that’s what I’ve gathered:

(From here: TopbarPlus/Default.lua at main · 1ForeverHD/TopbarPlus · GitHub)


If you are only creating one or two icons then what I would just do is make a frame, set the transparency to around 0.7, add a UICorner, and put it in the player’s GUI. Or, you could use something like TopbarPlus.

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