If I Sponsor My Game With 30k Robux Will I return my investment

Hi, I’ve been working on this game for about a year now, and I’m thinking it’s time to get a community. I need some opinions from people with more experience to give their opinion if they think the game is ready or not.

My Game:

I’ve saved up 30k Robux from commissions and I’m preparing to run sponsorships. I’m Planing on using 10k a day from Friday to Sunday to maximize views. My question is that since 30k is a large amount of Robux, do you think I will return my investment or should I keep improving the game before release.

Thank You, icecatz


I think it has all of the elements of an FPS but lacks the scale to sustain a community. I think your priority should be larger maps (bunker is very small) and more guns. After that, I think you’d be in a better place to drop 30k.


Oh another thing, I think your menu could use some spice. Some simple changes like switching to Gotham font (or one of the 25 new fonts!) and applying a gradient to the buttons. But for being the first thing players see, it’s pretty basic.

EDIT: Threw you 100 robux. I like the skins. Some more variety at the lower prices would be nice. Getting somebody to make their first purchase in a game is hard. Once they’ve gotten over the mental hurdle of the first purchase, they’re more likely to continue purchasing. You gotta really incentivize that first small purchase if you’re gonna recoup your 30k.


Wow thanks for the robux, I plan on adding a-lot of skins at all rarity levels. There is also some special skins with particle effects that can persuade a players more. You just made me have the great idea of having that show which skins have it on the shop screen. (How did i not think of that). Thanks for all the feedback!


It sounds like you really put a lot of effort into your game. Unfortunately, I can’t try it out right now, but I hope you have and continue to receive feedback from the public.

I don’t think spontaneously sponsoring your game solely with the mindset of making your investment back is the best mindset to approach expanding your audience, at least right away.

I would suggest you try and create a rhythm with your advertisements, and pick an amount of your monthly revenue, let’s say, 25%, to put back into expanding your audience. Profitable advertising is not impossible, but it is very hard. The biggest profits you make from advertising are returned overtime, growing a larger purchasing audience. That being said, once you have gained some confidence and rhythm in the effectiveness of your advertising, feel free to spend some increased amounts and really get the game out there.

This way, not only can you experiment with different advertising techniques to find ones that best fit your game, but you can make sure that when you do invest larger amounts of money, your doing so with the most effective strategy possible.

On a side note, I recommend Rolimon’s for better insights on advertisements, especially when your spending a hefty penny.

Best of luck with your game!


Im not sponsoring it purely for money, I’m sponsoring it to get a fanbase and community to eventually return with a profit. I don’t mind being down a few robux for a lil to have a good community that i can eventually earn them back from. Thanks for the help!


Did not find anything that would offend people (broken, group promotions, clickbait, etc.). This game has avoided many of the common pitfalls. That’s good.

Do I think it’s ready? Not quite. The guis need more work, and as it stands the concept doesn’t seem very interesting. That being said, there’s a good foundation here.

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Joined the game and didn’t get given a gun.

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This is interesting, can you explain it in further detail so i can resolve the issue

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I just spawned into the map after clicking the play button thing without a gun equipped. Could walk around but me and the other player had no weapons to shoot with. I tried clicking the Guns section and equipping one but it didn’t do anything.

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Roblox has been having issues over the weekend that caused similar issues , i would have thought those would have been fixed by now though.

This game has high potential. I reocmmend make cooler skins for the guns. Try using the force field effect. If you want to make the game fps system, better I HIGHLY recommend using FE Gun Kit, but if you don’t wanna use totally fine with me. Try and improve on skins and having an item shop. Also have a camerea shake

There is an item shop in game , and no i will not be using fe gun kit.

I made the current gun-system over a long time why would i want to just replace it lol :joy: its what makes the game stand out.

Many people are giving you little details that would just prolong the inevitable. If your basic game concept and game loop is complete, I would go for it and sponsor. It seems like the type of suggestions you are getting wouldn’t decide whether or not you will get a concurrent player base or not, they seem like “nice-to-have’s”. You don’t have to sponsor 30k robux. I was successful with 15k and the creator of BEAR was successful with 200 robux. Going all-in is usually never a good idea and you should do a smaller test sponsor and just watch people play your game to gague what people think about it and if more people pile into the servers. Even if the sponsor fails on you(happened to me many times) you know that you can then move on to another project or do a complete rehaul of the structure, organization, and rules of your game and see if that is appealing. Good luck!!!

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I just wrapped up a new major UI update if your interested to see it.

It doesn’t seem like your game is monetized that well so I don’t think you’d get your 30k back. Also the UI isn’t very appealing. If your goal isn’t to make money with your investment but build a community as you said, you want a game that stands out against its competitors and is fun. I looked at it for a few minutes, and I didn’t get a great feel for the game as I wasn’t there long, but I got Arsenal vibes from it. You want to give people a reason to play your game instead of one like Arsenal and there didn’t really seem to be one. There isn’t a lot of content and Arsenal’s visuals are more appealing. I’d also suggest using some different sounds for your weapons. CSGO’s gun sounds are pretty well known and hearing sounds from a different game in yours might be a turn off for some players that recognize those sounds. I’d try looking for already uploaded gun sounds on roblox and messing with sound properties and effects with roblox to get something you like.

as fps games are hard to monetize, what would you recommend to do in order to get better monetization?

I don’t sponcer my games because I, hate the ROBLOX system doing it but OK its your robux try it out :+1::+1:

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Only viable things for FPS games I can think of off the top of my head (if you wanna stray away from p2w) are skins and emotes (depending on type of game). You could also consider adding things like lootcrates which include limited skins and/or emotes.

could also add kill effects, xp boosters, etc actually, so there’s a lot of things

Short answer: No

Long answer: Your game has a long long way to go before it could make your investment back. Take the feedback others gave you and work on your game more.

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