If my game uses copyrighted audio and it gets taken down, will the game be taken down as well?

I didn’t really have any doubts about this until my friend told me that I should double check the audios in my game because if they’re copyrighted and they get taken down the game could be taken down as well. We didn’t upload any of the audios ourselves so I doubt anything would happen to our accounts, but what about the game? Would the audio just be replaced with the sample audio and nothing else, or could action be taken against the game?



I’m pretty sure the audio will not work anymore if it’s taken down. Only if you try re-uploading it may get you a warning.


Your games shouldn’t get taken down due to copyrighted audio.
The audio that’s inside would be replaced with a sample audio.

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As it says here

If we receive a takedown notice associated with content you have uploaded, Roblox will:

  • notify you regarding receipt of the notice;
  • remove or disable access to the infringing content;
  • work with you to help you understand the definition of infringing content;
  • give you an opportunity to file a counter notification in compliance with the DMCA if you dispute that your content is infringing (this is like an appeal);
  • provide you with support to help you remove any other infringing content you may have uploaded; and
  • as warranted, assign you with a strike (if your appeal is unsuccessful)

It only states that the infringing content will be removed or disabled. So I’m assuming your game will be fine. Pretty sure the original audio won’t be replaced with a sample audio as well

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I might be wrong, but the game should not get taken down in case of copyrighted audios. If the audio is taken down for copyright reasons, I assume what would happen is that specific ID would not play, or as vAshinaa said it might be replaced with a sample one. I’m not entirely sure about this, though.

I doubt it will get taken down, the worst that could happen is the song being taken down for copyright infringement.

Since you didn’t directly upload it, the closest I can refer to is when the mass removal of copyrighted audio in the library.

You can learn more about that change @ Music Copyright Flagging is Live Today and @ Upcoming Music Changes and Copyright Related Action

In short…

If you’re not 100% sure, it may be advised to speak with a professional.

Action may be taken against the asset itself, but also your game. Just don’t use stuff you don’t own in your game-- even if you didn’t upload it.

Apologies for the bump (not gonna create another topic if a similar one already exists), but neither of the posts here have a solid answer.

If your game uses copyrighted audio (grabbed from the toolbox implemented by Roblox) will your game get taken down as well as receiving a strike against your account? Are we held accountable, and responsible to research about copyright claims of the respective audio?

This goes for images too — assuming that these assets weren’t uploaded on your account, would you receive strikes and a game removal?