If you were a builder, what feedback would you give this?

Hey everyone! I had recently made a simulator map that in my opinion looks insanely good. But i wanted to see how everyone else thought of it?

The Map


The grass does not match up with the other stuff, remove the texture. Make the colors darker and add variations as well.

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ah i see. i changed the grass. otherwise thank you for your feedback!

Maybe make grass texture blend in green floor better like make it less visible to eye
but that’s just my opinnion
this all looks awesome keep up good work

also excuse my grammar

Since I am a builder, I would give actual feedback…hehehe, get it? Anyways, Its very small I would suggest making it bigger and less compact, also you need to work on your lighting, less saturated, and get a more cartoony skybox.


I’d really say its a very good low poly map. But the map is small though. Its a really good low poly map.

had recently made an simulator that in my opinon is really trash.

I do not mean. your build, i mean i dont like simulators

Okay, it looks. nice, i feel like we should get an better view of it from the inside.

Thanks for insulting my map! Wow! Now are you happy? Ur not even a builder lmao.

As for everyone else thank you for your feedback! I also updated the map a little bit

Ill also make sure to change the grass textures aswell


I am an builder and scripter, mostly scripter, at the moment but i was’nt trying to say your build was bad or anything, i was just saying i don’t like simulators, i know t hat was unesscarry, but i just dont like simulators, but i liked your build and was asking for an close up view to see it better.

Oh ok, I understand now. I can get that you don’t like simulators.

yes, my mac does dots alot when i press space 2 times so it could of looked weird.
I l ike the map but i. feel like the textures feel an bit off, btw what game is this for i would like to see this in action. eventually

I was originally going to sell it but I’m thinking of making into a some sort of combat simulator game

Whoa, This build is a 10/10 for me!
I really do like it.

  • Maybe make the map less round if you’re trying to go for that low-poly style
    that’s it :smiley:
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This map is amazing, love it! Maybe change to grass texture so it matches the style, otherwise amazing!


Thank you! I really appreciate it!

Overall pretty good map 8/10!!
Edit: I can see you used a asset pack.

Well…you did good but you could have made the grass more textured and realistic…

A tad bit bright for my eyes, could use some shadows. It is well made

Its cool.
Maybe make it just a tad bit darker its kind of an eye sore.
Also kinda empty add more to it
Other than that its nice