If you where a builder, What feedback would you give this? [PART 2]

Hi, I made a map yesterday. And I need quick feedback. I going to sell it on rodevs, it’s 800x800 and has a lot of Sci fi assets made by me.

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If you have any feedback, please let me know!!


The neon parts feel too bright and the lighting seems kinda dark, try playing around with the outdoor ambient, exposure, brightness, etc. Also I recommend adding a few more small buildings and a variety of trees (different colors and shapes maybe) because the map seems kinda empty right now. It’s a great build though.


Honestly, I completely agree, when I finished the map. I felt like I needed alot more details. Thanks for the feedback!


Nice work.
but some parts seems empty so try adding some bench’s and some stones to give it more a vibe
but over all pretty good.


quick update. I completely revamp the map and now it looks like this:

I’d you could rate from this, that would be great!


I’m a beginner builder and the neon looks very bright, however over all, Good Job :+1:t2:

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making the hills bigger and adding bushes might make it look better, but everything else looks great


Looks pretty nice, although you should try adding more texture to your builds, and for the big red neon part you should reduce the brightness if you get where I’m going.
Overall, everything looks amazing, keep up the great work! :star:

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Add a different sky, maybe a dark purple sky to blend in with the neon lights.