Ignoring maximum walking angles?

Thanks for reading in advance.

I plan on making a stupid little Sonic Unleashed clone (without the cheesy anthro-avatars, of course) and I’m wondering if there’s an easily-done method of allowing the player to run on or along slopes in defiance of gravity with sufficient velocity, like so:


I don’t have any guesses as to how this is performed. Egregious overuse of bodymovers? Rapid CFrame adjustment of the HRP attached to a RenderStepped bind? Maybe the solution is simpler than I surmise it is.

All I’m really asking for is a watered-down process of the steps I need to take to implement the functionality. If anyone has done this before or has a decent guess at the steps needed to reproduce what is seen in the video, I’m down to hear them.

Pretty sure EgoMoose did this in his post here. It’s open source too so should help you out!

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