IK Based R6 Animation To R15 Converter

A problem I had was trying to re-make R6 animations to R15. I could pay someone to do it, which I have, but it costed time and money, and I am not the only one with the problem. There is an existing converter, but it doesn’t attempt to preposition the arms and legs. It does basic inverse kinematics to do this. It isn’t perfect, but it does work.

R6 (input animation):

R15 (output animation):

Here are some things that could be improved:

  1. It only does uploaded animations, not ones based on instances.
  2. It only outputs to an upload officially. It does create a temporary version in ReplicatedStorage, but it isn’t user friendly.
  3. The Inverse Kinematics is very simple, and doesn’t do anything like rotate the arms when it seems fit.
  4. The conversion code is really ugly. It probably should use more functions.