I'm back! I'm back! Here's a new musical piece! Enjoy!

I’ve been away for a while, spent a lot of time learning. I’ve finally returned!
Please do listen, and I hope you enjoy! Rest easy :musical_note:

Please do tell me what you thought of the track :grin:


Here’s my first track and topic that I posted. I’ve come a long way!

This song sounds really good. Sounds like it should belong in a ambient game. Keep it up!


What a chill music ngl. Vibe or ambient game fits


Its absolutely Beautiful. I would recommend it for epic tales cut scenes or trailer for such games.

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It could use some rainy or raindrop textures in the sounds, to improve its current state to something more “aquatic”. Reverb recommended if those textures are added.

The sound reminds me of something distant.


Thank you fellas for your kind words! I appreciate it! I will continue keeping it up :musical_note:

I love this music, it sounds like something that would play before a Video-Game character fights a boss! Keep up the good work!

I’m not going for anything aquatic or rainy, just an ambient piece that is nice to listen to. Thank you for the suggestion though! :grin:

Very well made! I like the way the chords progress and such leading into smooth transitions to give it a sort of awe, cloudy mystery feeling, while at the same time staying light and warm. Amazing work man!


I remember you from my first post! It’s been a while! Thank you for the kind words! :musical_note:

i… LOVE IT !
I think it should be a background music for a Fantasy game.

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