I'm doing simpler work for free

About Me

Hello, I’m Lucas. I started scripting around the start of 2019. I didn’t do much for the rest of 2019, recently in September 2020, I went back and re-learnt scripting, one of the ways for me to improve my skill even further was create code that was meant to work for everyone in an universal way, in this case, modules.

You can see them below:


[REPLACED BY V2] BadgeService3 (abandoned, planning on doing a v2)

DataStore+ | OrderedBackups with flexibility and ease of use

DataSave+ - Discontinued look after v2

Codes Module V2!

ObjectTables | Live object-based tables!

Plugin: Free DataStore Editor | OrderedDS Support and Better UI

When are you available?

This is very dependant on a lot of factors, but currently I’ll be usually available 7PM until 12PM on normal days, on Sundays I’ll be usually available all day since 13/14 AM.

Contact me to make sure.


It’s negociatable, but there are some stuff which I have more average prices on.

Really simple work: Free
Slightly more complex system: 50 Robux
Medium difficulty work: 100 Robux

The rest is negociatable, and these prices are also negociatable.

What’s your skill?

I think I am a medium-to-advanced scripter. I can understand pretty much any roblox function you throw at me, and most services. When I don’t, I will just search it and understand it in no time.


My discord is LucasMZReal#9513.
I recommend contacting me through DevForum first.


What’s considered simple and what’s considered complex? Would something like a in-game music player be considered simple or complex?

Depending on it, it could be simple. It woudn’t go far as being complex though.

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I would like to just bump this since I recently edited it.

I now consider these the main stuff I’m working on: