Free DataStore Editor | OrderedDS Support and Better UI



Download here.

This plugin allows you to edit data inside DataStores easily. You can also list Ordered DataStores, also you are able to reverse them.

What are the differences to this compared to @Xsticcy’s original version?

Example of UI changes

  1. UI’s use Offset properly when needed, and where they should.

  2. Most main GUI elements were modified to fit everything better.

  3. It includes reversing ordered datastores. Only added later on in @Xsticcy’s version, and originally submitted by me.

  4. Uses Studio’s theme setting instead of changing that on a DataStore. (coming soon!)

What are the current plans for this fork?

I plan on continuing on supporting this and anything new the original version adds. With time I’ll fix more UI elements and replace certain stuff.

Sometimes I wanna add are:

  1. Use Studio’s theme instead of keeping stuff in datastores.

  2. Fix certain problems with the original version that haven’t been addressed yet, like editing data being a bit annoying.

  3. Extra features.

Why did you make this?

I made this because I worked with @Xsticcy planning on adding new features, on that session I ended up making this. Which I gave some ideas and some came to become in Xsticcy’s version. I was messing with the UI to make stuff better fit the screen. He decided not to use the new UI, therefore I went and made it a separate thing. He’s ok with this by the way.

Is it better than @Xsticcy’s version?

For me personally, yes.
The UI for me better fits screens and does the job better. I have also looked and replaced some code as well.

Can I make a fork, of this fork?

Sure. You can steal the code probably using BTRoblox, then you can modify it. Don’t claim it as your own. It’s a fork none the less, credit both me and @Xsticcy.

Where do I download this?

You can download this here.
There’s no Github as plugins aren’t for me a place to publish plugins. Especially UI’s objects, don’t work with it.

I have a glitch, or a question to ask/report!

Feel free to ask it down below!
As for glitches, please report them to me via DM’s.


How to get DataStore2 data using this?

It’s simple. First, you’re gonna have to know the userId of the person you wanna get data from.
This only applies if you’re using the OrderedBackups method in DS2.

You’re also gonna need the master key you’re using.
If you’re using combined datastores, like this:

The master key would be “PlayerData” in this case.

If you’re not combining datastores, meaning you don’t use DataStore2.Combine(), first of all, you’re wrong to do that, please don’t. Please combine your datastores!

But if you’re not, then the datastore you need is what the other stuff is. If you wanna get cash from a player the master key would be “Cash”. This is only if you don’t combine your datastores.

First of all, you’re gonna need to get a version pointer from an ordered datastore, how you do that?
Well, the ordered datastore you’re gonna need is gonna be “masterkey/userId”.
In this case, since my masterkey is “PlayerData” and my userId is 124695835, then that will be “PlayerData/124695835”.

Put that into the datastore name box and click “Connect (Ordered)”.

Now, the most recent versions from datastore2 will be here. The highest number you see is the data that DataStore2 will get once you join.

Keep this number, in this case, mine is “2”.

Now, you’ll have to get the actual data. Connect to the same datastore. So in this case, “PlayerData/124695835”.

Now, you’ll have to request the same number you got before from that datastore as a key.

And there it is, that’s the DS2 data. You can modify it how you want, or just view it.

How to get DataStore+ data?

DataStore+ will handle data similarly to DataStore2, with DataStore+ however, it will save data also on the datastore and key you requested. If you want to get backups, the Gotchas page can help you out.

This means that you should edit the main version, which is saved as the key and then the actual datastore being the normal datastore name. Nothing special. Backups are second thought in DataStore+, they also are in DS2 but DS2 shapes it differently.

If you wanna edit backups, it works similarly to DS2 except the datastore for the backups is called “DataStoreName/Backups” and the key will be “Key/Version”;


Also, how both UI’s react with resizing.


Update 1.1.0

  • Fixed glitches with theme changing and theme accuracy;

  • Light theme is now less pure white.

  • UI Improvements

  • Minimal size of the DataStore Editor window is now bigger, making collisions with values and names not possible.

  • DataStore Editor will now NOT error on a place with datastores disable.

  • DataStore Editor will now lock the plugin until datastores are enabled.

  • Internal optimization of the plugin.

  • UI is now Purple instead of Blue. because im purple man teehee

  • Name above the DataStore Editor does not show “xsticcy” anymore, but it does not show my name either.

  • Dark mode is now DARKER. yay!

Additional plans:

  • Rewrite of the plugin theme changing, so that it allows multiple settings to be changed instead.

  • Allow querying values from Ordered Data Stores and editing of such values.

  • Allow people using the 1.1 beta to be able to use this with v1.1 datastores.

  • Allow Key Listing, DataStores Listing, and Version Listing.
    Only for people with 1.1, or when it releases.

Future guaranteed updates

  • Scope support
  • DataStore 1.1 support

New visuals:

Dark mode:

Light mode:

Be sure to update your plugin!

Update 1.1.1 Small revision

  • Using scopes is now a thing!

This is cool.
But I don’t understand the title of this topic.
You are saying this like your fork can do this, but my version can’t.
My version can work with Ordered Datastores too.

Sorry if I misunderstand something.

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It does, it’s just a highlight as I plan on adding more “variants” inside Ordered Datastores, sorry for that :sweat_smile:

For now your current version doesn’t seem to allow you to query values from Ordered DataStores, I actually plan on making listing separated from connecting a ordered data store soon; I do find querying for OD kind of less used, but it’s good to have, so yeah.

How do I search for a player’s datastore? I want to change something from a player’s data.

Don’t ask me, ask @LucasMZ_RBX. This is his version.

That depends on how you set up your DataStore. I can’t tell you what the DataStore name and key are, you decided that.

Yeah,I can search up the datastore I’m using but I can’t find a specific player’s datastore. For example, when I enter the query for a specific player, it just gives me an empty value and I can’t see the player’s current points.