I'm hiring professional Scripter/Builder/ UI Designer/ for a cafe game, etc

I’m looking for a professional scripter/builder/UI Designer/ for a cafe game,and application centre, and training center, I pay robux and giftcards I’ll list the kind of giftcards -Amazon, itunes,Roblox, etc. if you’re interested my discord is 78kuZVMjn#6759 I’m available for 8 hours a day because of quarantine, we can talk about prices in discord and what I want the cafe to be like.

Hey I could script for you. However could you add more details to your post?

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Please follow the format, can you give us more info?

Oh sorry I’m new, I didn’t know

We were all new at some point. I hope that I could help you out. :slight_smile: Also, please don’t make your title the same as the description.

interested; however i will only contact via devforum

I changed my text a bit will this help? or no

I’ve sent you a friend request username:3MASTER9#6327

ive sent a reqest add me my name is Inferno_Flame

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