Image Endpoint no longer working

Hello, Guys So until a while ago url in this post was working: (Clic Here for Post)

But it happened to me recently to use them also for apps external to roblox regarding scripts, and the links no longer work
Ex: This link now returns a 404 not found

Have they been changed recently? Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
Thank you.

Roblox does not allow direct links.
But they also changed away from that API to this one:$1062868200&size=$size&format=$format&isCircular=$isCircular

To use it in-game, you can use my proxy:

More api’s from Roblox here:

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Note you will not need a proxy if you are using this externally (outside of a Roblox server) which you meantioned you are already doing

If this is being used in Roblox, does rbxthumb://0000 not work for this application?
This was edited to the end of the exact post you linked:

What about GetUserThumbnailAsync?

Hi so, @Master3395
Thank you for your answer your proxy would solve my problem.

Also @Smeers
Well my application is a bot So basicaly i need a link wich as it was before, so that it returns an image. (since it was smart)

if there is no direct roblox way i will use proxy as suggested.

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