Image In Bubble Chat

Hello, I’ve seen some games have this image in their bubble chat


And I was wondering if anyone knows how to do this it will be very helpful If so let me know.


Configure the chat system, you have to play the game in studio and copy everything in game.Chat and paste it in the same location but after you stopped playing


I feel like this chat system uses Billboard GUIs for the chat system. So if you made it check when a player chats have it go through the filter then onto a billboard GUI. That way you can add background tweaks to the chat bubble.

I get what you mean but I don’t get where the image comes in?

My friend TheFurryFish Was saying that it was clips descendants, But I’m not very experienced with that property looking for someone that can possibly give me a file link to studio about it.

I’d recommend looking into using the ClipsDescendants property and some tutorials on editing chat modules and UIs.

Yes, i’ve tried looking at videos etc but there is really none on youtube, There is some on devforum but it does not go into chat details and tutorials.

The tail below the bubble doesn’t share the texture, meaning that the texture was imported. Just add a few lines to create an imagelabel above background but not above text.

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Interesting subject you have brought up. I think I have the answer you need.
There has been a post from @Alphexus who has made their own chat system. I think you can change the background to an image.

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I believe it is used with a BillboardGui inside of the ChatBubbles, paste an image into a BillboardGui and put the BillboardGui inside of the ChatBubbles function. I’m not sure if this would work thoughm but it’d be nice to try.