Image load in very low quality In-Game

Yea, like the title says sometimes [It doesn’t matter in what experience] some Images are extremely low quality. Even from the Core-Gui.

Yea, you see what I mean-I hope.
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Platform Type: PC
Device Type: Computer

First: For like 2 years
Last: Yesterday
Reproduce: I don’t know, it’s sometimes. There was a break like for ~1 year, but now its here again like ~10% or smt like that

What I want: Good rendered Images

I also had this experience. My guess is that due to high hardware usage, low-quality images are output first, and when usage decreases, high-quality images are displayed. (This is an image file in Roblox itself) And the game image seems to show low-quality images due to the crowding of people on the server, causing waiting time (game image) Try freeing memory or stopping the program that uses the most CPU.

I think this is a duplicate of Decals and Textures are rendering as extremely low resolution in-game

Not exactly. Here the Core GUI is Also affected.
Images are meant here.

Hello there, could you please post logs when this issue occurs?

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It happens very rare. The last time for a few weeks, but I had it for 2 years smtimes too.
You can see the exact date in the images. Year/mounth/day_hour/minute smt else

It sounds like this issue has been ongoing for a while now.

Please try to post logs the next time this happens so that we can help investigate the issue.

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The friends button in the app.