Image masking problems on circular UI


In the image I have 2 ImageLabels. One being the image backing, and the other being the circle. They both have the same ImageColor Set, however, the Circular image has this black border to it. I’ve opened it up in, used multiple techniques to try and remove this black blur but it constantly remains there, even tho in paint there is no blur at all


Have you tried this?


I can’t download gimp on my computer :confused: causes too many problems


You can also do this using other image editing software.

Which image editing software do you have installed currently?



I use too, To fix these problems I use a plugin called AA’s Assistant, this soften the edges and adjust alpha, most of the time it works. Try it and I hope it helps you.


Alright - you can turn fully transparent pixels white by selecting those pixels (i.e. using the wand tool with a tolerance of 0% and a flood mode of world, as shown below.


If your fully transparent pixels needs a specific color, I use BoltBait’s Paint.NET plugin, and using the Transparency adjustment, you can first paint invisible pixels in the opaque version of the color you want, then (while having those pixels selected), you can use the transparency modifier, and set its slider to a value of -100 (fully to the left)


If the plugin doesn’t work use this, I just tested it and it works great. Pixelfix: Remove the black edges on scaled images