Imgui - Native Support for debugging and visualization

ImGui is designed to enable fast iterations and to empower programmers to create content creation tools and visualization / debug tools

I would like to request that imgui becomes a natively supported tool for debugging & visualization, the tools that are provided by Roblox for debugging aren’t sufficient to meet standards for a programmer that would be tasked with developing systems that has many intricacies that run on specific configuration components.

It’s always paramount for having the ability to diagnose and fine-tune systems at runtime intuitively, whether it be a visual thing or a code bug, and yes there is the task of binding the imgui library functions to Luau for it to be supported but for what its worth it’s a good investment for doing so.

Roblox engine’s used graphics libraries are supported as shown in the image, meaning there’s no issue with device compatibility or graphics libraries or performance.

imgui has many reputable sponsors such as Adobe, NVIDIA, Epic, Google, Activision.
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This is a demo of what the debugging tool is capable of bringing and looks like.


Personally I would love this to be added, or someone to port this over. Bit embarrassing but ever since I saw the GTA VI leaks, I was in love with their debug tools! also the console is basically half working most of the time and it’s sometimes hard to track issues with games.


Plasma is an immediate-mode widget library for Roblox, for lovers of ImGui, this will give you the tools you need to develop debugger tools. For example, Matter is a pure ECS library that features a debugger that uses Plasma.