Immersive Ads: Video Ads Launch and Publisher Eligibility Requirements

Yay! finally! More ways to advertise my game other than sponsored advertisme—


Please make it 13+ in the future, while keeping the 2FA

I don’t like not being able to advertise my game just because of my age.

These are more out the way and don’t force the person to watch

Not sure on how that’ll your analogy works if users don’t have Immersive Ads enabled (either because they’re <13 or something else)


Why do you have to be 18? Most of the good developers on the platform are teenagers, do you guys just NOT want to pay them?


I am <18 making me completely unable to do ID verification, but even if I was old enough, I’d not just casually send them pics of exactly who I am and such. Feels “invasive” to me.


Cant wait till games start doing the “Watch an ad for 30 coins?” thing.


You finished implementing videos for advertiser use sooner than you finished implementing video assets for developer use. Have mercy. Well, video assets actually are finished… it’s just that… nobody uses them…


It’ll be pretty useless anyway because for alot of users they’re either unadvertisable (under 13 users) or Immersive ads wouldn’t have any ads to serve the user



“Watch Ad to restore 1 energy”


Yeah, my bad.‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭


This wouldn’t really be possible because under 13 users or users who don’t have any current ads available wouldn’t be able to get the reward


Doesn’t make sense to have it over 18 to put it into your game since everyone over 13 can see the ads anyway. Also, teenagers can put any other monetization method into their game already and it doesn’t make sense to cut them out of this. Please change this to 13+ or at least provide a decent reason as to why I can’t be allowed to have this in my games just because of my age.


This is the reason Roblox provided although I feel like this isn’t a valid reason at all.

“Other ad companies do it so why don’t we?”
Because Roblox is easy to use, alot of minors make things on it (it’s not child labor according to wikipedia, so hush up PMG), and many minors don’t have the funds to “fund” an ad or make an actual product. So because minors are unable to made a genuine product, they limit it to adults!!


ya doesn’t make too much sense since you don’t have to be 18+ to create any other type of ad. Also this doesn’t really explain why you have to be 18+ to have it in your game since you still need 2k active monthly users which I feel is enough to make advertisers feel that they can reach their target audience within safe and compliant experiences.

its also wild that they just assume that since you arent 18 you cant create a decent experience that is safe. if an experience has over 2k monthly users, a completed and accurate questionnaire, and id verified account then that’s more then enough to prove that their game is safe and compliant.


Imagine you’re playing Blox Fruits and you need to watch a 60-second ad to eat a fruit


Again, what many people are saying here will be something that will barely be appliciable.

This is because <13, and users who currently don’t have ads for their demographic (which is many) will not be able to get the reward

its alright
i might add something similar to my game just at a lower severity


Well, makes sense. I was just joking though


Not a big fan of requiring to be atleast 18 years old & to have 2K monthly visits to add these ads to your game :confused:


Could we get the ability to pick which format of video ads we want to display on specific AdGuis in our experiences, instead of it being random?


This used to be a feature. It was removed for a reason. Why did you bring this back?

Those of us who’ve been around long enough remember that some time around 2016ish after Tix were removed, playing actual real commercials in your game was one of the only ways to get any revenue from your game without selling Game Passes. Players hated it. It was turning Roblox games into awful mobile games. It was dragging down the quality of Roblox and harming its reputation. It was so bad that Roblox deprecated the entire AdService because it wasn’t in the platform’s best interests to keep it.

Why would you ever bring this back?

Why are you showcasing worst practices in those videos? “Earn Free Item by watching 15 second ad”? This is exactly the sort of thing that those awful mobile games do, the sort of thing awful Roblox games used to do the last time this was a feature.

Again, seriously, why is this back? Why does this announcement not acknowledge the failures of the last time you tried real in-game ads and what Roblox has learned from those mistakes?


Will this drop Frames per second?


Looks great! I like how you offer the 2 types of ads and the qualifications are very achievable to get them in experiences for newer devs on the platform.