Immersive Ads: Video Ads Launch and Publisher Eligibility Requirements

Key Takeaways:

  • We are launching video ads so more advertisers can buy this ad format and ad publishers — creators who insert advertising units in their Roblox experiences — can earn more. Experiences that have image ads will start showing video ads in those ad units to eligible users. Publishers should review the placement and number of ad units in their experience.
  • Video ads served in an experience will be shown as: 1) video ads that autoplay when a user looks at the video ad and 2) video ads where a user has to click to play the video ad.
  • Publishers can motivate users to engage with click-to-play video ads with a reward. Since advertisers often pay more for additional engagement, rewards could enable publishers to earn more.
  • Publisher eligibility requirements, including that the publisher account must be at least 18 years old and ID-verified, take effect on June 1. Starting today in Creator Hub, creators will be able to see and manage their eligibility status in a new “Eligibility” tab within the Immersive Ads page.

Hi Creators,

Late last year, we started testing immersive video ads with a small set of advertisers. Today, we’re expanding access to video ads to any advertiser with an Ads Manager account, so that you have more opportunities to earn incremental revenue from adding ads to your experience.

We also know that creators want more transparency over publisher eligibility, so today we’re sharing our new publisher eligibility requirements that will go into effect on June 1. For those unfamiliar, ad publishers are creators who insert advertising units in their Roblox experiences.

Video Ads

Video ads served in your experiences can be shown in two formats to users: video ads that are click-to-play for a user to start the video ad and video ads that autoplay when a user looks at the video ad.

Video Ads That Are Click-To-Play

Within a Roblox experience, these video ads are click-to-play. That means that a user can initiate a video ad by clicking on the ad unit, which prompts the video ad to play in full-screen with sound on.

You can earn when a user watches the video ad for at least 15 seconds. To incentivize users to watch the video ad, you may choose to implement a reward mechanism in your experience. Including a reward to players for watching a video ad could create more engagement with the ad. Since advertisers often pay more for additional engagement, rewards could enable you to earn more money.

Learn more about how to implement and earn from these click-to-play video ads into your experience here.

Example: Video ads that click-to-play.

How To Implement Rewards

You may incentivize players to watch these click-to-play video ads in your experience through a reward mechanism, such as an in-game item or in-game currency. You may subscribe to the AdGUI.OnAdEvent which will call back an AdEventType. This can be used to implement a reward for video ads that are click-to-play. Some details about the API:

  • The RewardedAdLoaded enum will be returned when a click-to-play video ads is being served. This can be used to communicate and promote the reward to users through the UI or signage.
  • The RewardedAdGrant enum is triggered when a user has watched the video for at least 15 seconds. This can be used to grant the player a reward such as an in-game item or in-game currency. The RewardedAdGrant enum will only be triggered once per ad rotation.

The RewardedAdUnloaded enum will be returned when a click-to-play video ads is rotated out. This can be used to remove any UI or signage that is promoting the reward.

Below is an example code snippet to get you started:

local function grantReward(PlayerId)
   -- grant an in-game reward
local function showRewardPrompt(PlayerId)
   -- show Prompt
local function hideRewardPrompt(PlayerId)
   -- hide Prompt
local AdGui = script.Parent
AdGui.OnAdEvent = function(eventData)
   local AdEventType = eventData.AdEventType
   local PlayerId = eventData.PlayerId
   if AdEventType == Enum.AdEventType.RewardedAdLoaded then
       return true
   elseif AdEventType == Enum.AdEventType.RewardedAdGrant then
       return true
   elseif AdEventType == Enum.AdEventType.RewardedAdUnloaded then
       return true
   return false

To learn more about how to implement a reward, please refer to our documentation here.

Video Ads That Autoplay

Within an experience, these video ads will start playing with the sound off when a person looks at it. If they look away, the video pauses. The video ad includes controls to unmute and click to expand to full screen with sound on.

You can earn when the video ad starts playing and an eligible ad impression is served. Learn more about how to implement and earn from these autoplay video ads into your experience here.

Example: Video ads that autoplay.

New Publisher Eligibility Requirements for Immersive Ads

Just as there are Advertising Integrity requirements for advertisers on Roblox, when you monetize your experience with Roblox ads, you are required to adhere to a set of Publisher Integrity requirements. We want publishers to be able to monetize from publishing Immersive Ads within their experiences, while also giving advertisers the confidence that they can reach their target audience within safe, compliant experiences.

In Creator Hub, you will be able to see and manage your eligibility status in a new “Eligibility” tab on the Immersive Ads page. These requirements take effect on June 1.

Example: Eligibility tab within the Immersive Ads page illustrating the requirements and if they’re being met.

Experiences must meet the following criteria to be eligible to be an ad publisher:

  • Publisher account must be at least 18 years old and ID verified.

    • For group-owned experiences, this requirement applies to the owner of the group.
    • Requirement is persistent — if a publisher disables identity verification, they will lose eligibility.
  • Publisher account must have 2-Step Verification enabled.

    • For group-owned experiences, this requirement applies to the owner of the group.
    • Requirement is persistent — if a publisher disables 2-Step Verification, they will lose eligibility.
  • Experience must be Public.

  • Experience must have Experience Guidelines questionnaire completed.

  • Experience must maintain 2,000 unique visitors per month.

    • Counted by full days, e.g. eligibility on March 10 is based on visitors on the most recent 30 calendar days prior to March 10
  • Publisher must maintain compliance with the Roblox Terms of Use, the Community Standards, and the Publisher Integrity requirements.

    • For instance, video ads should not be activated when users are idle or away from keyboard (AFK) because this will likely be considered ad fraud within our Publisher Integrity requirements.
    • Publishers who are not in compliance may lose their eligibility temporarily or permanently, may lose some or all ad payouts, or may have their content or account suspended.

What’s Next

We will continue to share more regular updates in the coming months including:

  • New ways for publishers to trigger and serve video ads in experience
  • Improvements we’ve made to our ad system for advertisers
  • Continued investments in increasing video and advertiser demand

We’re excited to provide you more ways to earn through Immersive Ads. If you have further questions or feedback, please let us know below. Thank you!



Click here to view the FAQ!

What quantity of payouts from video ads should we expect?

  • Given how early it is with video ads, we expect payouts to fluctuate. We will continue to provide updates on payouts as we learn more.

How will I receive payouts from video ads?

  • Payouts for video impressions will be shown on the Creator Dashboard and paid out automatically on the 25th day of the following month.

Why do you require ad publishers to be age 18+ and ID verified?

  • Ad platforms often require ad publishers to be over 18 years old, register their identities with the platform and meet additional requirements before their content can be monetized with ad campaigns. Clear publisher eligibility allows us to appeal to a broader range of advertisers, by providing confidence that they can reach their target audience within safe, compliant experiences. Appealing to a broader range of advertisers will give our creator community more opportunities to earn from advertising. We will continue to evaluate our eligibility requirements to do what’s best for our users, publishers and advertisers.

Why do you require publisher accounts to have 2-factor authentication enabled?

  • Roblox generally encourages users to set up 2-factor authentication enabled to protect your account from unintended access. 2-factor authentication is an additional layer of security for your account. This is especially helpful in mitigating attackers from getting access into your account in case your password is stolen, as passwords are easy to be phished causing account compromises. This requirement reduces the likelihood of unintended access that could impact access to payouts and content safety.

Why do you require publisher accounts to maintain 2,000 unique visitors per month?

  • Having substantial user activity gives Roblox the ability to more effectively detect violating content within an experience allowing us to protect our users, advertisers and publishers.

What happens if my unique visits dip below 2,000 visitors per month?

  • As with any lapse for any of the requirements, you may lose eligibility for a period of time until this requirement is achieved again.

How do these rewards work? What’s the user experience?

  • Reward mechanics are very common on Roblox today. Creators implement rewards that make sense within the context of their experience. Today, rewards are often:

    • In-game currency: coins, points, XP
    • In-game item: free pet
    • Free spin or mystery chest, which grants in-game currency or an in-game item
    • Badges

What happens if I was in the video ads alpha?

  • If you were a publisher of video ads during the period between Nov 2023 and April 2024, impressions and earnings for video ads will be reset.

Can I opt-out of showing video ads?

  • To opt out of showing video ads, you can change the EnableVideoAds property on the AdGUI Instance.

Can creators use video ads to advertise their own creations on Roblox?

  • Yes. For creators, this also means you have a new way to leverage video ads to drive discovery and awareness of your creations (experiences, items, etc.) to people on Roblox. Creators can now create video ads in Ads Manager.

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It will be fascinating to see all the unique ways developers will engage in creating immersive ads!


Awesome update! :fire:

My only concern is how many users will actually pay for these ads: We don’t often see immersive ads in experiences so it’s less likely that we’ll see immersive videos in experiences.

In addition, CPMs are still too low, significantly below the industry average. There is currently no way to view the current CPMs for video ads, which should be addressed.

Several promised features for publishers are still missing, including price controls (to avoid advertising for very low amounts) and advertiser controls (allowing me to choose which brands advertise in my games).

:ocean: :star:


This seems like a pretty nice feature, especially the ability to reward players for watching ads. Nice! :fire:


I refuse to ID Verify. No.


Oh my god. When is this going to stop?? I am so insanely sick of this tradition of forcing ID verification and I am about to leave Roblox entirely because of it. We’re probably too far to go back now but come on, this is absurd. Remember when anybody could come on and make a game and money? Nowadays that doesn’t exist. Most basic features are now 18+ with ID only - sorry! Roblox is essentially a worse Unity and Steam now and it had totally destroyed their core values.

(ps: pi-hole is not blocking these ads :frowning_face:)


While I appreciate the improvement to video ads, especially when it comes to allowing us to view if there is a rewarded ad playing, the issue with ads in general that I have raised for over a year now still remain.

CPMs are still too low, currently they are sitting around 140 robux, or around 60 cents, nearly 10x under the industry average. Ontop of this there is no way to see the current CPMs for video ads, this needs to be added.

Many of the features promised for publishers are still not here including; price controls (I don’t want some brand advertising for a measly 100 robux), advertiser controls (I want to control what brands are advertising in my games - it’s my users, my game, I should have control).

Finally, roblox needs to share the % they take. Other ad networks do this, YouTube does this, why can’t Roblox. If you want me to fully support this system, I need to see these %s.


Hello. I have a question. Does immersive ads show apple inc ads?


Why do we need all those requirements to SHOW ads though? Like I understand if all those would be needed to MAKE ads, but why for showing them in games?? Another change that screws over smaller or underage developers…


You guys really want people to be ID verified, don’t you?


Why does the group owner need to have id verification?

We’re gonna be missing out on immersive ads, but that’s not the bad thing. The bad thing is that we don’t really care… Immersive ad impressions/payouts are a joke.

We literally have only 12 impressions over the last 30 days. I honestly think immersive ads are broken…


This is definatly doing to be an interesting change


I never fancied those pungent Immersive Ads in the first place.


Any idea on how much Click-To-Play ads will generate vs just regular video impressions?

The dashboard doesn’t split videos by type currently, nor show EPM rates so it’s kind of hard to know whether it would be worth adding rewards for video views or not.

Additional request: as I meet all the eligibility requirements, it would be best if the page defaulted to showing me the analytics for the ads rather than the eligibility list.


I think the payouts will be too low to consider implementing such complicated and a rather annoying feature for players.


I.D verification increases the security of the platform, especially as new unseasoned features are released.


If ID verification reduces spam and scams, I am all for it.


I feel like Roblox has this mindset where they feel they can deflect any criticism/lack of transparency by claiming the fact they are giving developers any money at all is a “gift”.

The reality is while this platform has given people many opportunities for success there still needs to be a baseline of decency if you expect people to use your platform. One of the key components of that is sharing the bare minimum in regards to what cut Roblox is taking from ad sales.

This has been one of the most common asks under every post related to immersive ads and has been almost completely ignored. The one or two times it was mentioned offhand that pricing is dynamic and would be too hard, which is, quite frankly, a pathetic excuse.


How does this apply to groups that use a “holder account” to own the group? Are we able to ID-verify two accounts with the same ID?