Implementing real world cities into roblox?

I am working on a project.

I need to find a way to generate models after real world data. Let’s say for an example i wanted to recreate manhattan or the dubai skyline via a script. Is there any api that let’s you do this?

I have bee searching for this but cant find any resources.

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I don’t know of anything directly inside Roblox in which you could do that. Although I do know of a blender plugin that allows you to import irl things into models. Here’s a video by CG Geek that may be helpful for you: Create any City in Blender in 20 Minutes - YouTube

Hmm, that wasn’t quite what i was looking for but thanks anyway :smiley: I am looking for an api where i can get city data and implement to roblox

Ah yeah, I haven’t heard of anything to do this inside of Roblox. You could try to transfer the Python code from the blender plugin into roblox. Although then you’d have to worry about copyright.

This should help you.