Import Multiple Meshes


Currently, when us developers import meshparts in bulk (as we usually do, so we can assign different materials and properties to the different model parts), it takes us too long to import each part. For example, lets say I’m importing body parts for a custom character. I would need to upload the head, move it to the pre-assigned location, name it, and then choose the next one. This could take up lots of time.

What could help make this easier? Well, we can have a feature for studio to have:

  • An import button under the “Model” category that allows to import multiple objects in one go
  • Once the import is complete, it would assign each meshpart’s name to be the name of the corresponding file name

As they always say, “Time is money.”

Here’s a poll:

  • I want this too, and make importing easier
  • Nah, I’d rather not be able to import multiple meshes

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Oh yes, this would be awesome. Usually a single model may be composed of multiple mesh objects, and it’s a bit tedious to upload each part individually.

  1. please don’t make redundant polls

  2. this request/post already exists (use search!!)


thanks, wdym by “reduntant polls?”


Your poll basically says “Do you like improvements or not?”, It’s not really weighing two options or saying anything useful


unfortunately can’t edit out the poll


Why would someone want importing meshs to be harder?


I was talking about the poll.

Something to help you all with multiple blender mesh exports

I’ve wanted this for quite a while; it might even help with collisions.


Absolutely needed, I’ve had to split up my meshes a lot because the collisions won’t work well unless they are split up and uploading each one manually is a nightmare!


If you use blender, there is a nifty blender plugin that exports all objects selected as different files, and also retain their transform and all.

Check it out: Something to help you all with multiple blender mesh exports

I do hope that we can make this double-way and have a studio feature that allows multi-import.


I use that exact plugin to export and import but the studio import is my big time killer :slight_smile:


Sorry to necro bump this but as someone who’s just lost 3 hours to importing, it’s surprising to me that it hasn’t been implemented yet. Thanks a bunch to @nurgeniusmultiple export plugin I saved what presumably would have been another 3 hours exporting them all one by one.

I really wish I could have spent the day scripting instead of spending it doing what should be a few keystrokes, but for some reason isn’t, just to import my asset library to have something to work with.

Really hope this suggestion get’s re-reviewed if it didn’t make the cut the first time around.


Asset upload in general could use some love.

I want to add sounds/images/meshes to a game file and have Roblox Studio figure out if it wants to upload those as separate assets or not, and, if so, I never have to be aware of that fact as a developer.


Extending on this; it might be beneficial to abstract local and uploaded assets to allow for a bit of prototyping to ensure everything’s correct before pushing the asset through the upload pipeline. Studio could wait to upload the assets until a place or model is published containing them. Could take a bit of strain off the asset moderators, though that would probably be negligible.

The project specific asset browser in Lumberyard inspires some ideas as to how a similar system could work in Roblox Studio.


I 1000% agree with you both, I use meshes for ALMOST everything I make only a COUPLE things here and around are actual parts anymore, it takes HOURS to upload multiple meshes…Especially if you’re trying to make custom bodies…


The process can sometimes take me days to finish… Really it just slows down my work time. Unless I hire a full time mesh uploader.


Can we please make this a thing? creating custom R15 characters is insanely hard! And look at those poll numbers!

I find it very inefficient to use a lot of meshes because of the importing - it’s a real killer. Especially if you make one small mistake with an R15 character model and now you have to redo the entire thing .-. that is not fun at all.